Advanced Warehouse Management and Inventory Control

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Day 1 - From warehouse to a distribution centre. Location storage and mixing. Creating the basis for classification. Understanding the differences in warehousing activities based on location. Demand Forecasting - Importance of forecasting, qualitative techniques of forecasting. Forecasting models - Moving average weighted moving average exponential smoothing.

Day 2 - Creating processes for the line processes receive put and pick. Making variations in the line process (pallet pick case pick etc.). Accurate data management and Inventory counts. Customer order profiling. Item activity and inventory profiling. Calendar clock profiles.

Day 3 - Selecting the right warehousing physical structure. Issues on warehouse flooring. Choosing the right racking systems. Determining the space requirements. Advanced forecasting models - Exponentially weighted moving average; isolating trend and seasonal components. Measures of forecasting accuracy and error. Case study on forecasting. Inventory Management - Types of inventory inventory costs and performance measures.

Day 4 - Choosing the right performance measures. Performance gap analysis. Economic Order Quantity (or Interval) model - Basic model all-units quantity discount model etc. Just-in-time procurement - Definition and comparison with the EOQ model. Types of handling equipment. Effective maintenance of equipment. Calculations of for selecting the right equipment.

Day 5 - Do's and Don'ts of warehouse automation. Justification selection and implementation of WMS. Automation tools and technologies. Material Requirement Planning - Using MRP to determine order schedules for suppliers. Vendor-managed inventory - Realities and myths surrounding VMI practice.

Who should take this course

This program has a clear focus on warehousing operations. It is sector neutral and suggests solutions based on product behaviours like pick frequency weight etc. The program will lend itself to major Warehouse Management Systems and will allow the participants to derive maximum advantage from such software tools. The program has been designed for the new age decision makers. The warehouse operations are presented by viewing the warehouse as an entity in the supply chain rather than an end in itself. In addition this will familiarize the participants with the demand forecasting and inventory management techniques and strategies. They would also come to appreciate the pros and cons of the newly emerging approaches and what it takes to implement them. The course would also enable the participants to appreciate the important role the demand forecasting and inventory management functions play in effective supply-chain management of their companies.



Course content

Mid level and senior decision makers from Operations warehousing and logistics departments, warehouse managers, warehouse owners. Inventory Materials Management and Purchasing executives in the electronics semiconductor or any discrete-part manufacturing company.

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