Business Etiquette and Professional Conduct

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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

This Business Etiquette training course from Londontfe Training provides the necessary knowledge and skills required to be calm confident and in good manner in any social or business setting. This course is very advantageous to entrepreneurs HR managers, Executive assistants image consultants sales and marketing executives and special event planners etc. Always keep in mind that proper etiquette is crucial in today's workplace as it can promote productivity harmony and peace in the working environment as well.

Who should take this course

Entrepreneurs, HR managers, Executive Assistants, Image Consultants, Sales and Marketing Executives and Special Event Planners.



Course content

Unit 1:

  • Meetings Management
  • Bad Meetings Vs Good Meetings
  • Rate Your Organization's Meetings
  • Types Of Meetings
  • When To Hold A Meeting
  • What Do We Need To Think About To Run An Effective Meeting?
  • Preparing For A Meeting Responsibilities Of The Meeting Leader
  • The Agenda The Barriers To Effective Communication
  • Listening & Questioning Dealing With Conflicts
  • Meetings - A Practical Exercise

Unit 2:

  • Do Manners Matter?
  • The Case for Business Etiquette
  • The ABC of Business Etiquette Reflection

Unit 3:

  • How To Make An Impression
  • First Impressions do Count Nothing to Wear?
  • Grooming Body Language
  • Reflection

Unit 4:

  • The Personal Touch
  • Introduction Etiquette
  • The Hand Shake
  • Polite Conversation
  • Personal Style Reflection

Unit 5:

  • Netiquette Manners In The Online World Civility on the Internet
  • Email Etiquette
  • Social Media Etiquette Reflection

Unit 6:

  • Social Business Etiquette
  • Hosting or Attending?
  • Awkward Dining Moments
  • Which fork?
  • Socializing After Hours
  • Marking Employee Events Reflection

Unit 7:

  • Dealing With Challenges Professionally
  • Personal Issues
  • Difficult People
  • Ethical Dilemmas
  • Reflection End
  • Reflections Create an Action Plan
  • Accountability = Action

About Course Provider

London Training for Excellence offer a wide range of training courses in London for organisations and individuals who wish to advance their skills and knowledge in the business world. With a great training centre in London, London TFE have everything that is needed to understand the basic needs of a business. Each course focuses on the ‘real-life’ issues a business could face and how to tackle them with ease.

London TFE have a team of enthusiastic leaders and instructors who share a passion for education and want to deliver that same passion to every individual who wish to take a business to succession. Each training courses London encourages individual to aim high and reach their full potential.