Leadership and Organisational Culture

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This course examines the nature of the relationship between leadership style and organisational culture. Both leadership and culture are linked to organisational performance. The training explores the effects of organisational culture and leadership styles on employee satisfaction commitment and performance. An organization's culture is made up of many different factors including leadership organizational mission vision and values work environment employee satisfaction and performance and reward and recognition. Leaders' values, actions and the development of their teams need to visibly reinforce the culture of the organization. Through the example they set leaders shape the culture in their words and actions every day. These action scan then be shared throughout the organization through structures and policies to shape how employees operate.

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This course is suitablefor a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

Managers Assistant managers Emerging leaders Supervisors Team Leaders



Course content

Module 1 - Leadership styles and Organisational Culture. Understanding different Leadership Styles. To recognise how every leadership style is influenced by the individual/personality. The role of organisational culture. How much freedom does the company allow in decision making and developing new ideas? How does the organization conduct its business and treat its employees customers and the wider community? How does power and information flow through its hierarchy How committed are employees towards corporate objectives? Understanding individual/collective strengths & weaknesses. Maximising interpersonal relationships.

Module 2 - Decision making. Making pragmatic decisions sensibly. Developing a culture for a successful organisational. Being open to new ideas in making decisions. Understanding the creative problem solving process in individuals and teams.

Module 3 - Problem solving. Applying Effective Decision Making Skills in the Workplace Encouraging creative problem solving for continuous improvement. Convergent versus Divergent Thinking Using SCAMPER techniques to approach problem solving. Applying SCAMPER techniques to make effective decisions.

Module 4 - Overcoming obstacles and gaining support. Overcoming Mental Blocks to Decision Making. Challenging self-imposed andself-fulfilling prophecy' assumptions. Encouraging team members to be creative and initiate new ideas. Getting people to understand and support your ideas. Evaluating and analysing the efficiency of new ideas. The creative and self-motivated leader.

Module 5 - Empowering others to succeed. Effective leadership to develop dynamic problem solving in an organisation. Ensuring alignment with corporate values and goals. Encouraging self-initiated activity and go-getter attitude. Creating activities from personal initiative. Developing a personal action plan.

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