Modern Techniques of Financial Accounting and Reports

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This interactive program will develop your understanding of the role played by financial reporting in communication between the enterprise and its stakeholders and its influence over managerial decisions. The program will consider the framework imposed by the accounting and financial standard setting process and the implications of recent and the related developments in the world that affect organizations worldwide.

Who should take this course

Professionals and CFOs responsible for financial reporting. Accountants project professionals, budget analysts, vice presidents of finance controllers and treasurers. Anyone with an interest in financial reporting.



Course content

Financial reporting and accounting and reporting standards:

The role of accounting in financial reporting. Accounting terminology. The framework of accounting and financial reporting.

Organization financial position reporting the balance sheet:

The structure of the balance sheet. Shareholders' equity; liabilities; assets. Current assets and fixed assets. Current liabilities and non-current liabilities.

Working capital analysis:

Working capital and working capital requirement. Accounts receivable. Accounts payable.

Organization financial performance reporting the income statement:

What is profit? The structure of the income statement (profit and loss account). The categories of income and expenditure in the income statement. Income statement preparation.

Organization financial reporting the cash flow statement:

What is included in the cash flow statement? Uses of cash. Cash flow statement preparation. The links between the cash flow statement profit and loss account and balance sheet.

Organization valuation:

The reasons for organization valuation. Types of valuation methods. Net assets valuation. Capitalized earnings valuation.

Analysis of financial reporting:

Publication of financial statements. The annual report and accounts. The best performance measure cash or profit? Common size (or horizontal) trend analysis of financial statements. Vertical trend analysis of financial statements. Analytical & performance tools & techniques. Finding and using data and information. Easily available tools and techniques for financial analysis. The fundamental statistical tools Fitting statistical techniques to financial data.

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