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Attaining the skills of leadership that enable us to truly motivate and inspire our people is a challenging process. There are many managers but there are few effective leaders. In this programme you will develop your personal leadership skills master the art of motivation and sharpen your ability to communicate so that others want to follow you.

Who should take this course

Supervisors who aspire to become Leaders Managers who desire to enhance their leadership skills. Experienced managers who want to consider the most modern leadership concepts.



Course content

Module 1 - Discovering the Leader in You Moving from old to new management concepts. 21st century leadership tools. Characteristics of an inspirational leader. Harnessing the power of vision. Displaying effective leadership behaviours. Great leaders and the keys to their success.

Module 2 - Motivating People through Change. Examining the leader's role in managing change. Overcoming obstacles to change. Achieving competitive advantage. Increasing organizational flexibility. The strategic planning process. Developing a focused SWOT analysis.

Module 3 - Leading Motivated Teams. Characteristics of effective teams. Characteristics of ineffective teams. Managing the factors affecting team performance. Supporting team development. Understanding team member styles. Enhancing team member competencies.

Module 4 - Improving Performance. Empowering yourself and your people. Theories of motivation. Inspiring changes in behavior. Coaching for improved performance. Skills of natural born leaders

Module 5 - Communicating Effectively. The four communication styles. Key communication methods. Effectively structuring your communication. The benefits of active listening. Understanding the role of paradigm and perception. Overcoming barriers to communications.

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