Planning And Analysis of Financial Statements Accounting and Preparation of Budgets (Three Weeks)

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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

This program provides an overview of the tools and the skills to build world class standards into your planning, budgeting and reporting system and will discuss new and best practice techniques explain how they complement the traditional financial planning tools and introduce new concepts for planning and analysis of financial statements advanced accounting and preparation of budgets.

Who should take this course

Those who are or will be financial decision makers working with accountants and are involved in formulating planning and implementing business strategy. Those with budget responsibilities. Those with expertise in their own fields who need to acquire expertise in budgeting.



Course content

Strategic Planning. Corporate objectives and strategies Sources of competitive advantage. Targeting for corporate success. Aspects of the business environment. Developing strategic plans.

Budget and Budgeting:

Definition of Budget. Strategic Focus of Budgeting. What are the Advantages of Budgets? Management Support Time. Coverage of Budgets Types of Budgets.

Budgeting and Planning:

Strategic Planning and Budgeting Process. Why You Must Link Budgeting and Forecasting to Planning and Performance? Budget Participants and Budget Preparation Procedure. Participative Budgeting and Importance of Communication in Effective Planning Process. Building the Budgeting Model. Prepare the budget structure. Writing the budges Monitoring Comprehensive (Master). Budgeting How to manage the cash. Resource Objectives of Cash flow and Working Capital Management Cash flow Reporting.

Capital Budgeting:

Corporate Plans and Operating Budgets. Link between strategic and financial plans. Master and subsidiary budgets Fixed and flexible budgets. Activity-based budgeting Five salient features of sound budgets Exercises and a case study. The Corporate Financial Planning System. Enhancing motivation in the budgeting process Forecasts communications and the planning process. Performance standards motivation and monitoring. Budget administration.

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