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Effective coaching can unlock potential in others and is an essential quality of a good manager or leader. By building up coaching skills that can be used in both personal development and managing others participants can achieve higher motivation improve results promote growth and save time.

Who should take this course

New coaches, ManagersTeam leaders, HR professionals, Trainers, Consultants.



Course content

Module 1 - Introduction to coaching Coaching myths? Different types of coaching The positive effect of coaching on the bottom line Reinforcing and maximizing training outcomes. Reaping the emotional rewards of achievement.

Module 2 - The manager as a coach. Coaching and communications. The communication spectrum. Where does coaching fit in? Communicating for development.

Module 3 - The key principles of coaching. Coaching qualities. Performance gaps.

Module 4 - Supporting the learning process. Creating a learning environment. Demonstrating the art of high-quality listening. Asking questions and sharing perceptions. Applying proactive and reactive coaching techniques.

Module 5 - Reviewing the results. Establishing shared insight through quality feedback. Encouraging self-evaluation. Fostering self-awareness and self-responsibility. Closing the loop and reviewing success.

Module 6 - Adopting appropriate coaching styles. Profiling your personal behaviour patterns. Managing the coaching dynamic. Selecting effective interventions.

Module 7 - Coaching in context. One-on-one development. Team development. Motivation Self-development.

Module 8 - Coaching in organizations. The business case for introducing coaching. The pros and cons of introducting coaching Implementing coaching.

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