Negotiation Skills - Achieving Successful Outcomes

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By the end of the training program each participant will be able to:

Conduct principled negotiations that result in wise agreements. Incorporate a process approach into your negotiation skill set. Formulate communication strategies based on various situations. Develop a confident negotiating style to deflect and hardball tactics. Apply psychology principles to negotiate effectively. Enhance your negotiation skills by applying best practices in a real-world setting.

Who should take this course

This program is valuable for anyone responsible for negotiating the best possible terms of an agreement for their organization or those who desire to sharpen their negotiating skills.



Course content

Defining the Negotiation Environment. The impact of organizational culture. The range of negotiation styles and practices. Assessing negotiation feelings and attitudes. Differentiating win/win from win/lose. Defining the wise agreement. Powering Up Principled Negotiation.

What is principled negotiation? Building a wise agreement. Efficient and ethical negotiation approaches. Planning Wise Negotiation Outcomes. The components of a negotiation plan. Clarifying potential outcomes. Tailoring your situational approach. Successful negotiation planning. Testing plan feasibility. Setting the stage for successful negotiation. Logistics for successful outcomes. Building psychological readiness. Physical fitness for negotiation success. Timely Starting and Closing Actions. Recognizing hidden agendas. Knowing when to Agree Bargain Control or Delay (ABCD). Informal and formal negotiations. Choosing when and when not to formalize. Negotiation tactics for effective outcomes. The Psychology of Successful Negotiation. Creating and adjusting plans based on SWOT analysis.Identifying Emotional Intelligence (E.I.). Multiple Intelligence (M.I.) and communication filters. Analyzing communication strengths and challenges. Analyzing communication strengths and challenges. Recognizing and valuing diversity in others. Moving from one-to-one to inter-team negotiations. Deploying an iterative process. Conducting resource matrix problem solving.Best practices of principled negotiation. Arriving at wise agreements. Creating efficacy in the negotiation process.

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