Total Organic Carbon Analyzer (TOC)

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A total carbon analyzer (TOCA) is an analytical instrument used for evaluating the total organic carbon content in various types of solutions such as drinking water, ground water sea water, surface water, water for injection purposes, high purity water, brine samples and even in effluent waste water. TOC analysis can be considered as an advanced version and an extension of chemical treatments such as of Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and Chemical oxygen demand (COD).

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All professionals whose job needs to deal with this instrument.



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Standard Operating Procedures. Analysis of Total Organic Carbon Scope. Method Overview. Detailed Procedures. Basis for Method. UMass Detailed Procedures. Sample Preservation and Pretreatment. Selection of TOC Analyzer. Startup of TOC Analyzer. Shimadzu TOC-5000A Analyzer. Analysis of samples/standards. Data Analysis & QC Reporting Clean Up. Standard Solutions Solvents and Supplies. Preparation of Calibration Standards. Preparation of Challenge Standards. Preparation of QC Samples. Supplies. Maintenance and Troubleshooting. Regular Maintenance Activities Troubleshooting. Quality Assurance/Quality Control. General Approach. Quality Assurance Objectives. General Procedures Data Quality Indicators Precision, Accuracy. Method Detection Limit (MDL). Linearity. Sampling Custody. Sample Collection and Storage. Data Reduction Validation and Reporting. Procedures specific to TOC Analysis. General Analytical QC. Special QC Tests. Initial Demonstration of Capability (IDC). Recovery of Volatile Organic Carbon. Method Detection Limit (MDL) QC Criteria. Standard Method 5310B. Field visits and practice.

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