Financing & Loans Specialist

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Employment: Full Time

Job Summary and Purpose:
Coordinate banking, financing and capital markets activities related to corporate and project financing for QGTC and its subsidiaries/affiliates, as well as Rating Agency matters and manage the preparation of submissions to Rating Agencies.
Monitor compliance with financing agreements for the debt portfolio of QGTC and its subsidiaries/affiliates, and manage liquidity across subsidiaries/joint ventures.

Key Accountabilities:

- Ensure full compliance with all the covenants mentioned in all the financing agreements across all the joint ventures as well as the parent company, through looking at aspects such as reporting requirements, information requirements, negative covenants, information covenants, vessel valuation reporting, insurance covenants, restriction on usage of funds and events of default etc., which need to be monitored diligently.
- Compile data and information for lenders/agent related KYCs, regulatory submissions etc., that is very crucial to compliance with regards to financing agreements.
- Interact with Banks, Lenders and other Financial Institutions on Financing and Capital Markets matters, and attend Rating Agency meetings and prepare necessary materials for Rating Agencies.

Financing and Capital Markets Analysis:
- Review and draft term sheets and covenants, and prepare financial models and analysis for coordinating and leading the financing and capital markets efforts for the Company, as well as present the information to financial institutions and respond to queries in order to accomplish the financing needs of the Company.

Risk Management:
- Interact with Chief Treasury Officer and Senior Management Team members on matters of crucial nature such as interest rate risk management, project and corporate financing as well as financial advisory approvals by the GTC, new projects enterprise risk management, etc.

Financial Models:
- Update the financial models for financing and Capital Markets Activities, and verify and assess financial modelling and analysis work performed by other parties (internal or external).

Monitor Liquidity Position:
- Perform scenario, sensitivity and liquidity analysis and provide feedback on the same to the respective parties.

Key Result Areas:
- Effective relationship management with Capital Market Institutions and Rating Agencies to ensure most competitive financing cost.
- Ensure full compliance with all the covenants mentioned in all the financing agreements across all the joint ventures and parent company
- Effective structuring and implementation of Financing and Capital Market needs of the Company.
- Effective Financial modelling management for various financing and capital market activities.
- Timely and accurate analysis and reporting regarding company projects, financing structures, liquidity position and other Treasury Department matters.



- Bachelor’s degree in banking, finance, accounting or any other related field.

- A minimum of 6 years of relevant experience in a large scale loan administration function preferably in Oil/LNG industry.
- Prior experience in Financing, Capital Markets, Loan Administration and Compliance of project financings and corporate financings with international banks.

Job Specific Skills:
- Ability to manage relationships with Finance parties including lenders, Facility Agents, Inter-Creditor Agents, Trustees, Account Banks and other financial institutions that may be swap counter parties
- Understanding of Treasury Operations and Management
- Ability to liaise with international financial institutions and rating agencies
- Ability to maintain loan and financing compliance models to produce covenant reports
- Competent in Corporate Finance Documentation
- Economic Analysis and Financial Modelling skills
- Computer proficiency involving advance-level use of spreadsheets MS Excel (advance level); presentation and graph packages
- Understanding and knowledge of Agency and Trust function at banks


Qatar Gas Transport Company Ltd. (known as Nakilat, which means carriers in Arabic) is a Qatari-listed shipping company established by the State of Qatar to own, operate and manage LNG vessels and to provide shipping and marine-related services to a range of participants within the Qatari hydrocarbon sector. Nakilat is an integral component of the supply chain of some of the largest, most advanced energy projects in the world undertaken by Qatar Petroleum, Qatargas, RasGas and their joint venture partners for the State of Qatar.

Nakilat was established in 2004 and is a joint stock company owned 50% by its founding shareholders and 50% by the public. Nakilat owns 54 LNG vessels, making it the largest LNG ship owner in the world. Our fleet of vessels transport LNG produced from Qatars North Field, the worlds largest non-associated gas field with approximately 15% of the worlds total proven reserves to global markets. These vessels, ordered from Korean shipyards, incorporate the latest technology for safe, reliable and cost-effective transportation of LNG.

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