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Employment: Full Time

KOTRA Dubai helps UAE-based Korean clients for recruitment.
KOTRA Dubai has NO RESPONSIBILITY for the contract between the company below and the applicants.

· Company Name: ISUABXIS CO.,LTD, MENA Branch
· Company Location: To be determined in Dubai
· Company Profile:


- Founded in 2001 with the goal of developing innovative antibody-based therapeutics to treat cancer, the name ABXIS is a reflection of our dedication to become an axis of antibody (Ab) therapeutics
- Our pipeline also includes rare disease therapeutics, in addition to the anti-cancer therapeutics that we developed on our way to becoming a leading biotechnology company in Korea. By providing new ways of combatting cancer and rare diseases, ISU ABXIS will fulfill its vision of enhancing the lives and easing the suffering of patients worldwide


- ISU ABXIS is a biotechnology company dedicated to the development of new and novel bio-therapeutics that will enhance the lives and ease the suffering of patients struggling with cancer and rare diseases


- Developed the 1st Antibody Drug in South Korea
- Launched 3 Products Developed Independently
- Research Focused on Oncology and Rare Disease
- 6 Projects in the R&D Pipeline
- GMP Manufacturing Facility Operation of 3 Suites


- Gaucher’s Disease treatment
- Stable sales growth and market share were secured since its launch in the domestic market in 2013
- Obtained product approvals in 8 countries

- Fabry Disease treatment
- Stable sales growth and market share was secured since its launch in the domestic market in 2014
- Entered into the global marketplace

- South Korea's first antibody treatment
- Maintained stable sales upon its domestic launch in 2006 and has currently taken 100% of domestic market share
- Obtained approvals from 8 countries including South Korea, Turkey, Thailand, etc.

Job Position: Overseas Sales specialist

Job Descriptions:

Local information Monitoring

Responsible for monitoring political & Pharma industrial updates & changes
- Check market information such as competitor trends, government policies, exchange rate fluctuations, and international issues
- Check registration guidelines and availability for each country (RA team collaboration)
- Establishment of entry strategy for each country
- Report on daily and weekly, monthly base

Sales/ MKT Management

Analysis and report of Products/ Competitors where we are selling and investigate the issues & solutions:
- Business plan quarterly report
- Establishment of sales plan and marketing plan by country and item
- Survey market size, number of patients, competitor prices and sales volume, etc.
- Update the new launching or under registration products & Articles of GD, or Fabry disease

Order process management: Communication between HQ in Korea and customers from Pre-ordering to post order:
- Discuss shipping schedule with customer / Confirm shipment schedule with manufacturing team, submit finished product request
- Selection and management of transportation companies based on freight rates, feedback, confirmation of issue response capabilities, etc.
- Preparation and management of necessary documents during transportation such as invoice, packing list, CoA, COO, transportation insurance, etc.
- Regular management of payment conditions other than T/T in Advance
- Discuss shipping schedule with customer / Confirm shipment schedule with manufacturing team, submit finished product request
- Monthly order report: sales status
- Confirmation of each step of work required for contract implementation and management of regular TC progress, etc.
- Prepare a supply contract if necessary, reflecting discussions for each project (legal review required)

Customer Management

Immediate customer response to their request via written/ verbal ways:
- Immediate response to inquiries about our products from current and potential customers

Development of good relationships with international customers:
- Regular Visit Hospitals, MOH, Meeting Doctors, & Associate of patients if necessary

Business partner meeting both locally & overseas:
- Participating in overseas exhibitions & partnering, contacting customers through cold mail & calls, etc.
- Searching and discovering companies through website search, Google search, etc.
- Business trip plan/performance report
- Performing as interpreter
- Scheduling an appointment in local partners (Hospitals, MoH, Associations etcs) When HQ, another countries KOL, Stakeholders, business partner are to visit

* Primary countries to be applied is Iran, Iraq, Algeria, Libya, Egypt. More countries will be added!

Candidate Profile:

- Work Experience: Less than 5 years
- Language: Required Proficient English and Arabic
- Other Requirements: Bachelor’s degree, document reporting skill(ex. MS Words, Excel, PPT, etc.)

Working Conditions:

- Expected Date of Recruitment: 2Q 2024
- Salary: To be determined after interview
- Term of the Contract: 2 years
- Working Hours: 8 hours a day
- Annual Leaves: As per UAE/ Korea law
- Insurance: Support
- Visa: Support


Since its establishment in 1962 as part of the Koreas first 5-year Economic Plan, KOTRA has been dedicated to creating new export markets and increasing Koreas trade value, which reached $1 trillion in 2011. In the late 1990s, the agency helped Korea overcome the Financial Crisis by starting its foreign direct investment promotion division. And in the last half century, KOTRA has played a significant role in supporting Korean companies expanding overseas.

Today, the world economy is more volatile than ever due to the European financial crisis, China's hindered economic growth, upcoming elections in 15 countries and security issues in the Middle East. In preparation for a rapidly changing market environment, and using Koreas expansive FTA network, KOTRA is focusing on the globalization of small and medium sized enterprises(SMEs), the backbone of the Korean economy, by providing them with customized support related to global business establishment and export.

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