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About us

Xerox Emirates is a joint venture of Xerox Corporation & the Mohamed Hareb Al Otaiba Group.

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Xerox Emirates (XEM) offers a broad portfolio of products and services, including digital printing systems, laser and solid ink network printers, digital presses and multifunction devices. We also take a fresh look at how our customers work, how they use technology and how they share information. With this knowledge, we create bespoke solutions that make our customers more efficient, cost effective and secure.

Partners in Data Protection

You don’t have to be a big corporation to care about data security. Most companies have Intellectual property, strategic plans, or personal data to protect. And while growth in cloud-hosted software and services, remotely accessible wireless devices, and the Internet of Things, bring efficiency and unprecedented opportunity to share and collect data, they also make businesses more vulnerable.

Businesses today face threats from unauthorized access to or disclosure of information, cyber theft and ransom ware, and vandals that aim to shut down websites or networks through denial of service. These data thieves and miscreants seek vulnerabilities where information in documents or hard drives can easily be obtained.

Because security threats never cease, data protection cannot be accomplished through “one-and-done” solutions. Blending innovative technology with expertise in work processes, we partner with our customers to prevent data from getting into the wrong hands inside and outside the work environment. We take a strategic approach to printer security that includes, intrusion prevention, device detection, document and data protection, and external partnerships with our information security vendors . Our enterprise content management (ECM) systems run on servers that incorporate the latest security features for cloud-based server technology.

With Xerox, what’s more secure is also more efficient

Security measures are sometimes viewed as necessary nuisances – think TSA lines at the airport. But at Xerox, we’ve found managed print services can strengthen security while streamlining work processes and saving resources. Take the badge-to-print feature on our multifunction printers. Documents left at the printer pose data security risks: according to one IT study* , 90% of U.S. organizations experienced leakage or loss of sensitive or confidential documents over the 12-month period.  Using badge-to-print technology, employees simply scan their badge at the printer to collect outputs, ensuring document security management while saving paper by reducing the number of abandoned print jobs. At the same time, Xerox User Analytics  offers an additional layer of protection by helping identify compliance breaches and monitoring equipment use.

Counterfeit documents are also a threat to companies across the globe. Adding fraud deterrent technology such as Xerox®Specialty Imaging to event tickets, ID badges, transcripts, coupons or other valuable documents can reduce the risk of unauthorized duplication.

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