Rotating Equipment Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Qatar, Doha
Dates flexible (3 days)
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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

This intensive training course will introduce delegates to different types of pumps, compressors, turbines and associated equipment such as bearings, valves, seals filters, and couplings. The course aims at providing the delegates with a comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge and enhancing their skills for the maintenance and operation of rotating equipment. This will also include lubrication, balance, alignment and vibration analysis.

Course content

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion, the delegates will be able to:

Apply techniques for troubleshooting failure causes and consequences Identify causes of machinery failures (top 5 causes) Apply condition monitoring techniques Carry out lubrication monitoring and analysis Understand equipment reliability and predictive maintenance fundamentals Describe RCFA (Root Causes Failure Analysis) procedures and techniques rotors, journal bearings, thrust bearings, pumps, mechanical + dry gas seals, vibration, compressors

Course Methodology & Support

Fully comprehensive workbook Supporting PowerPoint Presentation Deck (which delegates can copy) Pre + Post Tests Variety of learning methods Case/ Group Studies Animated video for Turbines Animated video for Centrifugal Pumps Followed by Question Paper Animated Video for Compressors Followed by Question Paper Animated Video for Shaft alignment and balancing technique– how to find the resultant vector Followed by the Question paper Animated video for Mechanical & Dry Gas Seals Followed by the Question paper

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