Use this feature to

  • Benchmark existing salaries
  • Set salaries for new positions
  • Check salaries for another market

What do you get?

Basic Enterprise
Average Salary
Overall Salary Range (Sample)
Allowance Breakdown
Regional Comparison
Salary by Years of Experience (Sample)
Salary by Company (Sample)
Salary by City (Sample)
Salary by Industry (Sample)
Salary by Nationality (Sample)
Price Free Starting from $250
Used for Getting an overview of the market Accurate Salary Benchmarking
- Access upto a year
- Access for upto 500 Job Titles
(More than 500 Job Titles available
for 6 GCC Countries)

Frequently asked questions about Salaries tool

What is Salaries tool?

Salaries tool gives you the salary information (average salary, salary by industry, salary by years of experience etc.) for a job title in a country.

What is the source of these salaries?

These salaries come from employees working in various companies and industries in the region.

How credible / accurate are these salaries?

Our salary information is based on a minimum threshold of data points. Significant number of data points ensure that the shown figure reflects the actual market salaries.

Is the salary data updated?

We use only up-to-date data for calculation and it gets updated every 30 days.