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Course Overview

Welcome to Adobe® InDesign®, a powerful design and production application that offers precision, control, and seamless integration with other Adobe professional graphics software. Using InDesign, you can produce professional-quality, full-color documents on high-volume color printing presses, or print to a range of output devices, such as desktop printers and high-resolution imaging devices, or export to a range of formats including PDF and EPUB. Writers, artists, designers, and publishers can communicate to a broader audience than ever before and through an unprecedented variety of media. InDesign supports this with its seamless integration with other Creative Cloud components.

Course content

Adobe InDesign is a powerful designing and production tool that gives the users precision, seamless integration and control over the various aspects of design and production.

This workshop is designed to teach you different features, functions and options of Adobe InDesign end-product by learning about its menu, tool, navigational cues, creating and manipulating graphical objects and texts, and much more.


  • Overview of work-space
  • Editing and flowing text
  • Working with objects
  • Working with style, color and typography
  • Importing and modifying graphics
  • Working with pages and setting up a document
  • Exporting and outputting
  • Making rich interactive documents
  • Working with transparency
  • Creating tables

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