Certified Human Resource Professional and Certified Human Resource Manager

UAE, Dubai
Dates flexible (50)
Course Type
Professional Training Course
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$1,900 $1,600 only

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Course Overview

The Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) gives you a head start in the world of professional HR. With this course you develop a professional acumen and an insight to deal with core HR issues. Here the focus is on mechanics of organizational change, and then the spotlight moves on to the competencies required for managing both people and processes. Human resource management nowadays is not just about employing people or drafting work policies? it is also about being able to rapidly respond to customer\'s global needs.

The CHRP is designed to equip you with the skills, knowledge, and qualities required to succeed in the cutting edge world of business administration and management. At Blue Ocean, the ACI HR program combines high-quality core curriculum that is consistently updated to ensure excellence in the global marketplace. Recent research reveals that the careers in HR are becoming increasingly lucrative.

Who should take this course

The course is designed for all Human Resource Professional and Administration professional.


Accreditation is From American Certification Institute USA

Course content

The classes will be held on Fridays, for 3 hours. Below is the course content:

  • Strategic HR
  • Job Analysis
  • Recruitment & Interviews
  • Training & Development
  • Performance Management
  • Labour Laws
  • Strategic Pay plans
  • Revision + Exams

About Course Provider

ITI is a training institute that believes in giving companies and participants a thorough understanding of old and new developments in their field of interest. Therefore, we offer a range of courses that can be undertaken based on your requirement, availability and interests.

We offer industry-specific courses so that you can gain further expertise in exactly the field you require. We work together with clients to help them achieve their training objectives. This way, they are able to derive exactly what they want from the program. Users benefit from our personalized training and customer-focused training courses.

The trainers at ITI have varied academic backgrounds and industry backgrounds. This helps us evolve wholly-rounded training courses.

The ITI Institute is a highly-acclaimed seat of global learning.

A centre where professionals come to,

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ITI offers end-to-end training solutions that are short –term, intensive and specially designed to build expertise among professionals. Internationally certified courses aid students, freshers, mid-level and senior executives to protect and add value to their careers.

ITI specializes in custom-designed corporate training modules that are delivered by our trainers at a pre-determined venue.

International certificates are endorsed by Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) and apex certifying bodies like International Quality Federation (IQF), International Purchase and Supply Chain Management Institute (IPSCMI), American Certification Institute (ACI).

How to enroll?

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