Sustainable Agribusiness Methods

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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

The primary aim of the Sustainable agribusiness program is to provide students with adequate knowledge of agribusiness enabling them becoming responsible factors in planning new policies in this area. The interdisciplinary program provides students with broad knowledge in the field of agribusiness and shows its impact on the global society. This program is focused on the company behavior, skills and activities in agribusiness. The program is oriented towards the practical application of the tools, techniques and concepts used in this field.

The Sustainable agribusiness program has the following main objectives:

  • Development of entrepreneurship in agribusiness through the use of local human and real estate resources.
  • Developing awareness about the environment and creating sustainable agricultural development.
  • Training of professional staff in the field of agribusiness.
  • Reduction of unemployment by promoting agricultural activities.
  • Developing small and medium sized businesses in agriculture which can compete successfully in the EU and can
  • adopt the relevant regulations on consumer protection.

Who should take this course

This program offers students the knowledge from all relevant fields related to agribusiness. Graduate students acquire basic knowledge about the economic, political, social and technological, which are able to change their lifestyle and work.

They are capable of being successful in democratic free market economies, being involved in international labor markets, able to manage public and private companies to improve management of agribusiness in the country, professionally skilled and competent to take part in integration processes of the country in the European Union.



Course content

  • Knowledge and understanding
  • Apply their knowledge and understanding of agribusinessby solving problemsin new or unfamiliar environments;
  • Independently research the agribusiness market by analysing their needs and managing plans, strategies, prices, promotional activities, and sales;
  • Works in agribusinessindustry and private sectors that operate in this market;
  • Prepare and design plans, and carry out a necessary market research for getting authentic data for developing a sustainable agribusiness strategies.
  • Applying knowledge and understanding
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of subjects from the field of agribusinessand its sustainability;
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of agribusiness issues, like: sustainable development of agribusiness, environmental impacts on agribusiness, principles of sustainable tourism, environment and sustainable tourism, case studies of (un)sustainable agribusiness practices, etc.
  • Making judgement
  • Evaluate and assess marketing implications for sustainable tourism such as service design, pricing strategies, media assesment, effective promotion and customer satisfaction in a systematic and creative way;
  • Evaluate market conditions (market share, target customers, known and unknown environment) in order to plan products or services, to coordinate marketing activities within the touristic company and control and monitor those activities continuously within the company;
  • Think critically on marketing issues (product, price, place, promotion, people) and business situations in agribusiness environments.
  • Communication skills
  • Present marketing strategies and plans within the organization and to audiences from different institutions and organizations, along with using the proper media and form of expression for all the audience;
  • Leading and initiating activities considering touristic plans and strategies;
  • Choose the proper means of communication while producing, , promoting and selling products/serviles;
  • Share and transfer the knowledge to new generations in the field of sustainable agribusiness.
  • Learning skills
  • Identify personal need, and select proper learning resources for further knowledge and operate independently;
  • Acquire new knowledge and skills autonomously;
  • Carry out self initiatives independently researching market needs in order to fulfill customers' needs and wants.

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