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Python Training will make you an expert in Python Programming Language to become a Professional Python Developer.  Learn Python & Django Framework from the Scratch to build dynamic web applications with Hands-on Demo ; This Course will help you to learn Python for Machine Learning, AI, Web development and Data Science with Certified trainers and updated ; You will gain In-depth Knowledge in Python game development using Python 2 & Python 3 with our Python training Course.  

Who should take this course



basic C programming knowledge



Course content

Printing to the Console in Python String Manipulation and Code Intelligence The Python Input Function Python Variables Variable Naming Python Primitive Data Types Type Error, Type Checking and Type Conversion Mathematical Operations in Python Number Manipulation and F Strings in Python Control Flow with if / else and Conditional Operators Multiple If Statements in Succession Using the for loop with Python Lists Defining and Calling Python Functions Indentation in Python The Python Dictionary: Deep Dive Nesting Lists and Dictionaries Motivation and the Accountability Trick Multiple return values Calculator Finishing Touches and Bug Fixes  

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