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Course Overview

Spanish language is being widely spoken by some 400 million speakers. It is the fourth most commonly spoken language in the world. It is the mother tongue in 21 countries across the globe. Learning this language gives a push to one’s career in various aspects. It not only opens opportunities in the professional aspect but also help in upgrading the personality of the individual.

 Our professionals have developed custom reading, writing and speaking module for the students who are willing to learn Spanish language virtual/ physical.

These courses have been designed by certified Native speaker Trainers open for students, working Professionals, Business persons, Corporate employees, Job aspirants and House wives.

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spanish language learners



Course content

Greetings,nouns,alphabet definite articles,subject pronouns Essential Spanish Telling time,Calender,tener Wheather,Hacer,adjectives  Definite and indefinite articles el, la, los , las  Demostrative adjectives  Prepositions  Present tense ending in ar, er and ir  Present continuous  Interrogatives  Time (la hora)  Possessive adjectives

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