Adobe Flash Lite 2.1 - Creating Mobile Applications

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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

Learn to create consumer-friendly user interfaces and get the most out of the Adobe Flash platform with this Flash Catalyst CS5.5 course.

Who should take this course

This course is for anyone in the digital design industry who is looking to enhance their skillset or hobbyists looking to create better user interfaces for Flex-based websites and apps.


There are no pre-requisites for this course.

Course content

This course will teach students all the essential points and how to utilise Adobe toolsets within Flash Catalyst.

  • Learn about what Flash Catalyst CS5.5 is and how it is used by designers to create user interfaces that are appealing and consumer-friendly.
  • Designer/developer workflows and how round trips workflows can allow ongoing collaboration on the same project.
  • Learn how to create resizable applications that will load across various devices without any visual or loading problems.
  • Flash Catalyst interface learn more about the various settings and panels available.
  • Learn how to build new projects based on Illustrator files and how to customise components and organise layers as you see fit.
  • Learn how to edit common button components from custom artwork and how to label components, create states and adding interactions to aid in user interface navigation.
  • How to edit and customer a design and optimise artwork.
  • How to animate user interactions including adding fades, rotating 3D transitions and triggering animations with action sequences.
  • Explore the various components of the application including text input, check box and editing button components.
  • How to add sound, video and Flash content to your creation.
  • Learn how to create a skinnable component for use in Flash Builder and work with FXP and FXPL files that can be transferred between Builder and Catalyst.
  • How to set up banners, navigation buttons, video timers and image galleries.
  • Publish your project, optimise your files and how to publish for browsers or as desktop applications.

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