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About this Course:

??If you take the first steps in an independent life and you are before buying a property, you MUST need to read the video. In case you intend to change the property and the previous purchase was carried out for you by a real estate broker, you will learn how to SAVE when buying a property.

Before you take a look at offers of available properties for sale, you should get to know the whole procedure of buying real estate from the kitchen, which will affect directly:

  • Reducing purchase transaction costs
  • Minimizing the time that has to be spent on all compulsory matters related to the purchase
  • Shortening the entire property purchase process
  • The exclusion of some of the expensive items existing when you buy
  • Avoiding loss
  • Do not get stretched

In a situation where we lack knowledge in a given area, it is easy to manipulate and convince us that something is obligatory for us. Therefore, one should avoid that someone will take advantage of our knowledge and experience on our disadvantage.

And certainly the experience is missing at the very beginning, so be sure to read the video material, which presents the practical approach of a person with experience in the purchase of real estate.

The video discusses the most important issues:

  • What to do if you buy real estate on credit
  • How to check the property before buying
  • Reliable and reliable sources confirming the legal status of real estate
  • How to find a bank that will grant a loan to buy
  • What provisions to include in the contract to secure yourself
  • The most important elements of the purchase contract
  • Whose help you must use obligatorily
  • Formalities before buying
  • Which one to choose the payment method for the property
  • How to check the property after purchase
  • What to pay attention to when collecting the property
  • Obligations of the buyer, obligations of the seller, in other words, in what scope what activities should be performed
  • Formalities after the purchase of the property
  • The duration of the entire purchase process
  • The course of the entire procedure, in other words, at what time what to do
  • In fact, everything you should know before buying a property available for YOU , gathered in one place on the video.

Access to the materials you get for a fee, because it is so that if a man receives something for free, he does not respect it. I know that if I pay for something, I approach it with greater commitment. And it is from your commitment and focus that you achieve success.

After getting acquainted with the video material, the entire real estate purchase process will no longer be a secret for you and you will be able to independently:

  • Go through the entire procedure associated with the purchase of real estate
  • Eliminate unnecessary costs
  • Shorten the entire purchase procedure
  • Perform all activities that are mandatory for the buyer
  • Avoid the most common mistakes when buying
  • Determine potential threats
  • Protect yourself in case of adverse circumstances
  • Estimate transaction costs
  • Analyze basic legal acts
  • Analyze the legal status of real estate
  • Isolated prepare a preliminary agreement
  • Use free sources that help when making a key decision when buying
  • You can always use the help of a real estate office or real estate broker. It will take us out of it all, but it should be known that it will take a generous salary and in the event of problems, it will avoid all responsibility.

And still, when buying a property there are a number of compulsory costs related to the entire purchase procedure. Also for only PLN 70 you can reduce your purchase costs to a minimum and go through the entire process yourself with success .

Basic knowledge:

  • Required listening comprehension
  • Concentration
  • Determination

Who should take this course

Who is the target audience?

People before buying the first and second real estate in their lives


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What you will learn:

  • Find the property at a bargain price by yourself
  • Buy the property yourself

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