Attention Management

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Course Overview

Every company and every manager wants to increase productivity. However, constant access to information and the expectations to do more with less can overwhelm and distract the workforce. Employees who do not pay attention to their work can waste valuable time and make careless mistakes. Attention Management is also a useful skill that allows managers to connect with their employees on an emotional level and motivate them to focus on their work and how to reach their personal and company goals. Gain a valuable insight and strategies into what it takes to be more attentive and vigilant. This course touches on the definition of attention management, how to set SMART goals, meditation, attention training, attention zones model, how to keep focused, procrastination and prioritizing time.

Who should take this course


This course is designed for:

Managers and supervisors Business owners and executives Any employee who wishes to become more productive at work.

Course content

The following 11 subjects form the core of the courses:

  • Module One: Getting Started
  • Module Two: Introduction to Attention Management
  • Module Three: Types of Attention
  • Module Four: Strategies for Goal Setting
  • Module Five: Meditation
  • Module Six: Training Your Attention
  • Module Seven: Attention Zones Model
  • Module Eight: SMART Goals
  • Module Nine: Keeping Yourself Focused
  • Module Ten: Procrastination
  • Module Eleven: Prioritizing Your Time
  • Module Twelve: Wrapping Up

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