Business Analytics and Decision Making Diploma

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Course Overview

In today's complex business environment, decision makers are faced with the problem of making the right decision. This diploma course by City Business School will help decision makers achieve a clear advantage that is competitive by making use of various data to explain the performance of a business, employ a structured approach to problem-solving in business, and evaluate a different course of action. The City Business School offers individuals the opportunity to pursue a diploma in Business Analytics and Decision Making.

What you learn upon the completion of this course will give participants a foundation that is strong in all the fields that support analytics and will help participants to improve on their career for success within their organisation. They will develop skills and a perspective that will make them more productive and allow them to become an asset that is very valuable to their organisation. This course is designed for learners to be able to apply their knowledge to a real-world project by working with case studies under the guidance of our tutors. This diploma course is motivated by the rapid growth in the use of analytic methods that is sophisticated and large data sets in business decision making, which is also driven by the improvement these methods provide in areas of competitiveness and profitability of a business.

Who should take this course

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Course content

Throughout the duration of the course, learners will be able to apply the skills of datasets and problem solving to business. This course will provide the opportunities for learners to build various business conceptual models and simple database models, develop different decision making models, practice the extraction of data using SQL, interpret the output generated by the SQL software, apply prescriptive and predictive analytics to problems in businesses, and also present results and share findings with shareholders. This diploma course does not only provide analysis skills and management of data, it also emphasises on the definition of problem, technical communication skills, and business understanding, that are very important for business managers or any individual who is not an expert but will require a very sharp knowledge. This course will provide real-world data analytics skills that can be used by learners to grow their businesses, create maximum value for their shareholders, increase profits and so on.

Course Benefits

At the end of this diploma course, participants will be awarded with a diploma in Business Analytics and Decision Making, and will also be able to:

  • Apply data analytics to problems in business
  • Manipulate and extract data stored in large databases using tools such as SQL.
  • Identify and apply various statistical models that are mostly used to implement descriptive analytics.
  • Analyze and evaluate research findings applicable to business environments.
  • Communicate knowledge that is complex effectively and ideas to various audiences.
  • Apply cross disciplinary knowledge critically in creatively making decisions, and so on.

Course Materials

All course materials are included in the course fee

Qualification Assessment

All our qualifications are assessed on the basis of written course works.

About Course Provider

City Business School offers students a well-balanced college experience via online courses. We are nimble enough to honor your individual needs as a student while our years of experience provides exceptional online training that will help you achieve your career and life goals. At CBS, we get to know you and celebrate your successes. Then, we help you turn those successes into a fulfilling career.

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