CIMA Professional - Management Level Package (E2, P2, F2)

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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

Pick up this Management level course and really begin to influence business strategy decisions. A continuation from the Operational Level, this course will take you through several disciplines and techniques that will give you the confidence you need to make informed business decisions.

Who should take this course

This CIMA Management Level course is best suited to Finance professionals who want to improve their understanding of medium-term management accounting principles. It is also for professionals who want to earn a globally recognised management accounting qualification.


Students will need to have first attained the CIMA Operational qualifications before they can move on to the CIMA Management Level training.

Course content

The Management Level Package course is divided into three sections (E2, P2, F2), each with a separate focus that will ensure that you get a good balanced understanding of intermediate-level management accounting. Upon completion of the course, you will not only have mastered the CIMA Management Level training, but you will also be fully prepared to sit the Management Level exams.

E2 – Enterprise Management

Focusing on organisational structure and the impact of change, this module introduces a number of intermediate concepts including:

  • The importance and impact of organisational design on performance
  • Implementing change and project management frameworks to improve operations and profitability.
  • The Leadership and management skills required to make both work.

P2 – Performance Management

Taking financial reporting beyond simple budgets to gain deeper insight into costs, pricing and management control.

  • Understanding the influence of costing and pricing
  • Improving cost estimates with activity-based costing
  • The use of performance management and transfer pricing and Total Quality Management principles.

F2- Financial Management

Management accounting generally involves looking after multiple accounts simultaneously, and drawing insight from each other. The F2 model covers:

  • Considering complex groups associates and joint ventures, and generating accurate reports based on each.
  • Creating consolidated cash flow statements.
  • Accounting for lease and share-based payments.
  • International accounting standards that govern substance reports, deferred tax, earnings per share and more.
  • Considering long-term finance and the cost of capital.

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