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This is a course that consists of ten videos

The first four videos are formed by a mini-course of Musical Theory to offer the minimum bases to start joining this new "universal language" that turns out to be the music that like every language in any part of the world has its own "tools" for which we need someone who can and can teach us what they are in principle and then the knowledge and begin to know when and how to use them.

So, how to be everything "technical" that I have to learn when I start learning another language such as verbs, adjectives, sentence formation, etc., etc., before I can decidedly start to speak it, write it or read it , exactly the same happens with music; before I can play it, I can read a score or I can write it ...

Basic knowledge This course is based precisely on the fact that no previous knowledge is needed, that is, it is useful for all those people who want to start on the piano without the minimum need to know something previously since the first four videos just try to bring us closer to all this new language; What does "note" mean, what a difference there is with a "figure," which is a "silence," which is a "staff," etc. Generally it is sometimes even better that absolutely nothing is known to have knowledge most of the time in half or with many "gaps" or "holes" in learning

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Anyone curious about piano and music theory.


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  • It will be from scratch, from the beginning really the knowledge of each and every one of the parts that need to know to handle us within this language (as I think it is a universal language beyond the phrases made. I can not example in my case to understand something written by a Russian, a Japanese or a German - unless of course I use the Google translator - but if I can understand what is inside a staff written by any inhabitant of this planet, in principle because I have learned it logically and then because it is the only language that is spoken "all over the world", hence the repeated phrase "universal language", this is no exaggeration ...!!)

  • But like every language, it is necessary to first understand some of its logistics first, then slowly begin to approach small works by Bach, Mozart or the author we prefer, or accompany a singer, play solo a composition of ours or another author or join a musical group to cite an example

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