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Course Overview

This Digital Marketing Masterclass is designed to help you understand and implement the latest in digital. The course will develop your digital marketing strategies, manage and implement campaigns and analyse results. You will learn how to put an effective digital marketing strategy together that is perfectly consistent with your organisational goals and which represents your voice to your audience. This course will get you up to speed on all of the most important digital marketing tools on the market today, like Google Analytics, MailChimp, AdWords, and much more. This course will help you to establish a plan and strategy for marketing to customers in the digital sphere.

Who should take this course

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Certificate of Achievement

Course content


  • Intro to Websites
  • Choose a Domain Name
  • Intro to WordPress Lessons

Email Marketing:

  • Easy Email Marketing Funnel
  • Email Marketing Tools
  • Lead Magnets
  • Where to put opt-in forms
  • Segmenting and Tagging Your Subscribers
  • Email Sequences
  • Better Email Subject Lines
  • Using Analytics to Improve Emails
  • Case Study - 100 Subscribers in Less Then 1 Week

Copywriting, Blogging & SEO:

  • Copywriting Basics
  • A.I.D.A
  • Case Study of a Sales Page
  • 10 Commandments of Copywriting
  • Write Better Headlines
  • Write Quality Articles
  • Optimize Your Website SEO 5 minutes agoMore


  • Intro to YouTube
  • Case Study - YouTube Sales Funnel
  • YouTube SEO - Watch Time vs. Views
  • Keyword Research for YouTube Videos
  • Start Your New Channel
  • Channel Art and Icon
  • Channel Description
  • Customize Your Channel Design
  • Add a Channel Trailer
  • YouTube Channel Settings and Verification
  • Upload Defaults, Featured Content, and Channel Branding
  • Uploading Videos + Titles, Tages, Description
  • Cards and End Screens
  • Use YouTube Analytics to Grow Your Channel
  • Quickly Respond to Fans with the Community Tab
  • Live Streaming with YouTube Live
  • Free Music on YouTube Live
  • Create a YouTube Ad.
  • Spy on Competition with Social Blade

Video Marketing:

  • Intro to Video
  • Video Equipment for Beginners
  • Tools to Make Your Videos More Pro
  • Structure a Video that Sells
  • Intro to Video Production Bootcamp
  • Intro to FB Groups
  • Create Your Group - Walk Through
  • Tips for a More Engaged Facebook Group
  • Scheduling Posts, Live Video, and More

Facebook Groups (Social Media Marketing):

  • Why Facebook Pages are Important for your Business
  • Creating a Stunning Facebook page for your business
  • Adding Essential Information to your Facebook Page
  • Selecting your Profile Image
  • Creating Professional Facebook Cover Image for your Pages
  • Creating a captivating Facebook Page Description using the ads.
  • Getting your Facebook Page Username
  • Facebook Page Apps to increase fans engagement
  • Top 0 Ways to Monetize your Facebook Page
  • Exploring Publishing tools
  • Scheduling Facebook posts
  • How to spy your competitors on facebook
  • How to guarantee your fans see all your posts
  • Wxploring Facebook Insights
  • Four Unlilited sources of royalty free image
  • Promoting your Facebook Page
  • Turn any image a clickable Facebook Post
  • Assignment - Create a Facebook page

Facebook Pages (Social Media Marketing):

  • Introduction to Facebook Ads
  • Introduction to the Facebook Ads Manager
  • setting up your facebook payment account
  • Defining your Facebook Target Audience
  • Level 1 - Creating the Ad
  • Level 1 - Boosting your Post
  • Level 2 - Creating your Ad in the Ads Manager
  • Tips to have your ad approved by facebook
  • Analyzing Results
  • Assignment Create a Facebook Ad

Facebook Ads (Social Media Marketing):

  • What is facebook retargeting and why is importent for you
  • Creating a facebook pixel
  • installing the pixel in wordpress
  • installing the pixel in a non-wordpress website
  • Creating your first audence with THE Pixel
  • Facebook pixel advanced audience creation
  • Creating your optimized FB Ad with the Pixel
  • Assignment - Installing the facebook Pixel in your web

Facebook For Local Business (Social Media Marketing):

  • How Facebook Ads can Help you have a local business
  • This is the Plan for your Local Business
  • Reaching people around your Business
  • Creating Your Local Business ad
  • Assignment Local Business

Google Adwords:

  • Google Adwords for your Business
  • How Adwords Works
  • Setting up your Adwords Account
  • Example of Ads that we are creating
  • Exploring the Adwords Interface
  • Discovering the best keywords
  • Creating a Google Adwords Serch Campaign
  • Selecting your Audience
  • Choosing your Vid setting for Google Adwords
  • Creating an Ad group and Adding Keywords
  • Finalizing your Google Ad
  • Creating a YouTube Ad with Google Adwords
  • Managing your Google Ads Campaigns and Analytics
  • Assignment Google Adwords

Twitter (Social Media Marketing):

  • Why Twiter and how it can help your business growth
  • Choosing the best username or twitter handle
  • 4 tips to choose your twitter handle
  • Creating a Twitter account
  • Creating an Outstanding Twitter profile page
  • Adding your Profile and Header Photo
  • Writing an optimized bio
  • Pin the most important tweet for your bio
  • Connecting with other influencers
  • Twitter hashtags
  • Growing your Twitter presence with Jooicer
  • Add Twitter Buttons to your Website
  • Add Twitter widgets to your website
  • Twitter Ads - Creating Your Ads Account and Campaign
  • Twitter Ads - Adding your Payment Method
  • Twitter Ads - Creating other Twitter ads
  • Twitter Ads - Promoting a Tweet
  • Assignment Twitter 1 day agoMore

Instagram (Social Media Marketing):

  • Instagram for Business - Whats our strategy
  • Create an Instragram for Business profile
  • Building a Killer Instragram Profile
  • 2 Building a Killer Instagram profile
  • 3 Building a Killer Instagram Profile
  • 4 Building a Killer Instagram Profile
  • Accessing the Ads Manager
  • Creating your First Instagram Ad
  • Creating you Instagram Ad inside the App
  • Important Tips to have a successful Ad on Instagram As inside the App
  • Mistake 1
  • Mistake 2
  • Mistake 3
  • Mistake 4
  • Mistake 5
  • Mistake 6
  • Tools to create instagram photos
  • Creating Viral Instagram Photos
  • Adding Your Logo or Website to your Instagram Post
  • Instagram Live and Instagram Stories
  • Assignment - Instagram Ads

Pinterest (Social Media Marketing):

  • Why Printerest and how it can your business grow
  • Opening a Printerest Business Account
  • Linking Pinterest with your Website and getting a Verifed account
  • Linking Pinterest with other Social Media platforms
  • Optimizing your Pinterest Profile
  • Creating Boards
  • Using Secreat Boards
  • The Powerful Pinterest notification
  • Adding pinterest chorme extension
  • Adding Pinterest to your Website
  • Pinterest Ads - Getting started
  • Pinterest Ads Panel Overview
  • Creating a Pinterest Ad
  • Creating Pinterest Ads Fast
  • Assignment Pinterest

LinkedIn (Social Media Marketing):

  • Welcome to Linkdin Marketing
  • Setting up to LinkedIn account
  • Adding Experience, Skills, Accomplishedment to your LinkedIn
  • Adding a professional Background photo
  • Adding media to your linkedIn URL
  • Changing your LinkedIn URL
  • Adding your Website to LinkedIn
  • Creating Shareable content on LinkedIn
  • linkedIn Company Pages Examples
  • Creating a LinkedIn Company Page
  • Managing your LinkedIn Company Page
  • Getting 50 dollar in LinkedIn Ads Credits
  • LinkedIn Ads Introduction
  • Creating a linkedIn Sponsored Content Ad.
  • Waiting for LinkedIn Ad approval
  • Creating a LinkedIn Text Ads Campaign
  • Creating a LinkedIn Sponsored In Mail Campaign
  • Quick view at the LinkedIn Campaign Manager
  • Assignment LinkedIn

Periscope (Social Media Marketing):

  • What is Periscope
  • Optional Equipment that will make your scopes looks profession
  • Assignment Periscope 20 hours agoMore


  • Quora Basics
  • Finding, Answering and Optimizing Your Quora Answers

Google Analytics:

  • Setting Up Google Analytics
  • Navigating the Google Analytics Dashboard
  • Know Your Audience with Analytics
  • User Acquisition and Behavior Flow
  • See Where Visitors Click with Page Analytics
  • User Behavior and Site Speed
  • Setting Up Goals

Google Plus (Social Media Marketing):

  • Welcome to Google plus
  • Whats the difference between Google Pages and Profile
  • Adding your Profile and Cover image
  • Adding your Contact info
  • Adding links to your Website and Socal Media
  • Adding your Story
  • Previewing the page

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