Diploma in Microsoft Excel 2016 (Beginner to Advanced)

Can be taken anytime (12 months)
Course Type
Professional Training Course
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$331 $65 only

Course Overview

Created by a highly skilled professional, this bundle will guide learners through Microsoft Excel 2016. The bundle consists of our Microsoft Excel 2016 Introduction, Microsoft Excel 2016 Beginner, and Microsoft Excel 2016 Advanced courses, so if you want to become an advanced user, this bundle is for you. Buying all three courses at the same time is a cheaper option, so to save money get them in a bundle format, and you’ll be on your way to becoming an Excel genius.

Who should take this course

This course is introduction level, so will be suitable for those who have never used Excel before, or who would like an introduction to the programme.

Career options after graduation

As Excel is so widely used this course provides transferable skills that will be useful in a wide range of job roles, and could help you land your next job, or get a pay rise. The qualification will be of particular interest to anyone hoping to work in administration, accounting or bookkeeping.



Course content

Course Curriculum ---------- Beginner ---------- Microsoft Excel 2016 Introduction Module 01: Introduction To Excel Module 02: Creating A Worksheet Module 03: Managing Workbooks Module 04: Formulas And Basic Functions Module 05: Spreadsheet Presentation Module 06: Rearranging Data Module 07: Printing Exercise Files ---------- Intermediate ---------- Microsoft Excel 2016 Introduction Module 01: Statistical And Logical Functions Module 02: Working With Multiple Sheets & Books Module 03: Sorting, Filtering & Subtotaling Lists Module 04: Formulas And Basic Functions Module 05: Charts Module 06: Using The Worksheet Efficiently Module 07: Printing Large Spreadsheets Module 08: The Quick Analysis Button 8 Exercise Files ---------- Advanced ---------- Module 01: Text Functions Module 02: Date & Time Functions Module 03: Understanding The Functions Module 04: Working With Vlookup Module 05: Match & Index Functions Module 06: Data Validation Module 07: Protecting Worksheets & Workbooks Module 08: Working With Templates Module 09: Exploring Pivot Tables Module 10: How To Work With A Macro? Module 11: Conclusion Exercise Files

About Course Provider

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