Fitness Instructor/ Personal Trainer Diploma

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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

Turn your passion into a full-time business by becoming a qualified personal trainer. The Fitness Instructor/ Personal Trainer Diploma course will provide you with the skills and knowledge to set up a personal training business and grow your client base in no time. You will learn about the science behind muscle growth, how to sculpt the physique through weight training, build stamina with cardio workouts, and much more. Learn how to set goals for your clients, create tailored workout routines and keep them motivated through every step of their weight loss journey.

This best-selling training program provides instruction on a range of different exercises, from aerobics training to stretching and endurance training, covering fundamental exercise equipment and their correct use. It also explores the benefits of whey protein and how it can be used to speed up muscle growth, as well as the fundamentals of nutrition.

By the end of the course, you will be equipped with a range of skills required to teach in gyms, clients’ homes and fitness centres, with excellent knowledge of human physiology, the role of the muscular system and how it works. Enrol online today and get certified in just 20/30 hours! No previous experience required.



Course content

Module 01 What Do I Need Girth Measurements Muscular System Application and Dedication

Module 02 Bench Step-UPS Bench Press Incline Barbell Bench Press Close Grip Barbell Bench Press Incline Barbell Bench Press Bench Dips

Module 03 Dumbbell Reverse Flyes Dumbbell Incline Press Dumbbell Split Squats Dumbbell Incline Flys

Module 04 Lying Leg Curl Preacher Curl

Module 05 Standing Calf Raises Seated Calf Raise Side Plank Raises

Module 06 Military Press Leg Press Standing Shoulder Press V-bar Tricep Pressdown

Module 07 Walking Lunges Side Lunges Barbell Split Lunges Forward Lunges Skull Crushers Cable Crunch Bicycle Crunches Module 08 Tbar Rows Seated Row Upright Rows Deadlifts Bend Over Barbell Bow Good Mornings Hip Thrusts Leg Extension Module 09 Pushups Straight Arm Pushdown Sumo Squats Jump Squat Front Squat Pull-Ups V-bar Pulldown Reverse Grip Pulldowns V-bar Pulldown Module 10 Side Planks Plank Up/Downs Glute Bridge Ball V-UPS Sumo Deadlifts Windmills Face Pulls Mountain Climbers High Knees One Legged Deadlift Skaters Back Hyperextensions Jack knife Sit-Up Jump Rope Box Jumps Glute Kickbacks Standing Hip Adduction

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Online learning is a way of studying from anywhere, anytime and for any age. Adams Academy started the journey with an aim to promote educational opportunities and skill training for peoples from all over the world. We hope to create an environment which promotes an independent work ethic and encourages all pupils to acquire a love of learning from owns’ pace. We provide a range of live interactive courses via webinars, vocational training, and professional development courses to suit individual’s needs and career goals.

We aspire to be a leader of live interactive and online course provider for making people skilled and commitment to outreach and service to the delta and beyond. We are committed to provide quality training to meet students’ changing needs for a bright career.

We foster lifetime learning and career growth by providing online teaching.

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