Forex Trading: Advanced Strategies

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Course Overview

This Forex Trading: Advanced Strategies will give you a number of advanced trading strategies that you can use on the Forex markets. Learn the basics of trading statistics and probability. You will learn how to predict the markets by using Fundamental and Technical Analysis, along with professional strategies used by leading banks and financial institutions. Risk Management and Psychology will also be demonstrated to ensure you have the correct tools to not only trade the markets but to trade the markets profitably. Learn the practices and principles of the famous market wizards and how to apply them to Forex trading. Learn advanced trade management techniques for scaling-in and out of positions. Learn how to improve your trading system by using advanced position sizing techniques.

Who should take this course

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Course content

Opening your trading / broker account:

  • Why your choice of broker is KEY
  • Demonstration Video - Opening your trading account
  • 3 step process to opening your account
  • Economic News Explained

Trading the News:

  • Why trade the news
  • What news to trade
  • What currencies to focus on?
  • A brilliant Central Bank resource!
  • Is a currency strong or weak? (The Long Term View)
  • Trading strong vs weak
  • Currency Watch-list Example

Setting yourself up like a PRO-TRADER:

  • The resources you need
  • Demonstration Video -
  • Demonstration Video - FXPro Squawk Feed
  • Forex News Gun - Download Instructions
  • Demonstration video - Forex News Gun
  • Demonstration video - News Impact DataFlash (replacement for the FNG)
  • News Impact DataFlash Setup Instructions (replacement for the FNG)

Placing The Trade:

  • Creating a trading plan / idea
  • Executing the trade - Determining your Entry, Stop & Target
  • Management of the trade & summary
  • Demonstration Video - FXPro MT4
  • Demonstration Video - Closing a trade after 1 hour if not done as expected

Risk Managing your trades:

  • Risk management and working out your trade quantity
  • Demonstration Video - Earn Forex Position Size Calculator

Your ongoing support:

  • Next steps
  • Trader Transformation Membership Service - Intro video!
  • A small peek into our trader mentoring service
  • Weekly market analysis video predicts USD move well ahead of time!


  • How to predict the largest movements from news
  • Understanding & trading market turmoil successfully!

Practical Forex Trading:

  • How a Forex system operates in real time
  • The secret to success in forex trading
  • What is a Spot Market?
  • How You Make Money Trading Forex
  • Know Your P's and L's
  • Opening a Trading Account
  • Types of Trading

Introduction to Investing in the Stock Market:

  • Stock Market FREE
  • Introduction to Investing
  • What is the Stock Market
  • Learn Stock Market History
  • Advice on Financial Advisors
  • Start Planning for Retirement
  • Old School Investment Strategies
  • Setup a Brokerage Account

Thinking Long Term:

  • Think Rationally About Investing
  • How the Housing Market Crashed
  • Determine Risk Appetite for Investing
  • Tempering Investment Expectations

Investing in Stocks to Maximize Return:

  • How to Maximize Return on Investment
  • Understand Price to Earnings Ratio of a Stock
  • Calculate Textbook Stock Valuations
  • What is the Worth of a Stock

Course Certification:

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