Fundamentals of Natural Science

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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

Studying Natural Science can open a lot of doors as it shows intelligence, problem solving ability, the ability to record and collect information and analytical skills. Whether you’re interested in the field of science, hope to go on to further study of the subject, or simply want to broaden your awareness, this course is the perfect start and would be very useful for students who need support while studying the subject. Learners will gain an in depth awareness of atomic structure, physics, genetics and much more! Natural Science is the study of everything around us, plants, animals, and matter, so it’s a fascinating subject. Becoming a Natural Scientist begins with this course!

Who should take this course

• This course would be very suitable for anyone hoping to go on to higher study, or those hoping to work in the field of Natural Science. • This course would also be helpful to those studying Natural Science who need extra tuition.

Career options after graduation

This course could help you become any of the following: • Research Analyst • Lab Assistant • Geological Researcher • Research Scientist • Nature Conservation Officer



Course content

Course Curriculum 1. The Concept Of Atoms And Molecules 2. Understanding The Fundamental Of Matter And Energy 3. Motion And Forces 4. Intro To Relativity And Electricity Works 5. Principles Of Magnetism And Waves Theory 6. The Universe And Our Solar System 7. The Forces That Change The Face Of Earth And The Atmospheric Cycle 8. Fundamentals Of Geology And Molecular Biology 9. Fundamentals Of Cell Biology And Cellular Respiration 10. The Dna, Rna And Proteins 11. Genes, Chromosomes, Cell Division, And The Classification Of Plants 12. An Overview Of The Human Body 13. Processes Of Animal Reproduction And Principles Of Genetics 14. Fundamentals Of Ecology And History Of Life On Earth 15. Species Names, Taxonomy And Theories Of Evolution

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