Global Master's Certificate in Integrated Supply Chain Management (in partnership with Michigan State University)

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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

An organization’s success typically boils down to the efficiency and effectiveness of its supply chain. Effective supply chain management enhances productivity and performance with the strategic combination of people, systems and technology. These programs provide you with tools and techniques taught by faculty who are highly experienced in supply chain subject matter, to explore global trends and contemporary issues affecting, and affected by, supply chain management. Michigan State‘s world-class reputation for providing supply chain solutions has been extended to individuals across the globe through 100% online supply chain certificates. In addition to learning from Michigan State faculty, you will also be provided with weekly lectures from faculty from around the world including University of Dubai. This unique feature will give you access to hearing from experts from around the world on various topics within supply chain while also providing you the local context from the UAE

Who should take this course

This program benefits professionals working in all areas of supply chain management, but more specifically those in the logistics and distribution area. The Global Master Certificate in Integrated Supply Chain Management is open to anyone interested in gaining or improving their integrated supply chain management and logistics skills.


Minimum High school diploma + industry experience and excellent understanding of the English language.


Michigan State University and University of Dubai

Course content

Course covers the following three courses : Core courses : 1. Supply Chain Management I 2. Supply Chain Management II

Students to select one elective from the following two course options: 3. Integrated Logistics Strategy 4. Strategic Sourcing For further information, kindly contact us.

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