Health and Social Care Course - Level 3

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Course Overview

Be a skilled as a health and social care worker with the course. Enrol the Health and Social Care Course - Level 3 course and explore your roles, responsibilities, and techniques for caring health issues.

The course first explains your roles and duties as a health and social worker where you will learn how to perform your duties efficiently. After that, the course teaches you the appropriate communication skills and helps you to enhance your skills so that you can deal with any difficult situations perfectly. Additionally, the important and dominant principles and policies in the Health and Social Care industry will be covered in the course. Then, the course focuses on the role of a safeguard and caregiver. You will master the skills for safeguarding vulnerable individuals. Next, the necessary health and safety responsibilities will be explored in the course. Finally, the course guides you to master the underlying principles you need to know for working with the Health and Social care industry.

Who should take this course

Anyone Interested


Certificate of Achievement

Course content

Personal Health Care:

  • The Nature and Cause of Disease99
  • Fasting
  • Colon Cleansing
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Vitamins and Other Food Supplements

Mental Health Care:

  • Mental Health Basics
  • Are you Resilient
  • Take Good Care of Yourself
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Risk Factors
  • When Do You Need to See a Professional?

Elderly Care:

  • Introduction To Guide To Dealing And Caring Elderly
  • Caring For Elderly Parents or Relatives While Keeping Your Money
  • How To Handle Bad Behaviour Problems By Elderly Parents
  • Effective Caring For Your Elderly Relative's: Home Help
  • Going To A Better Place
  • Listening To Your Parents Even Now
  • Way To Improve Quality Of Life For Your Senior
  • The Basics Of Caring For The Elderly: Pressure Sores
  • The Golden Rule Of Caring For The Elderly Revealed!
  • The Greatest Loss Of Them All
  • Watching Your Step: Avoiding And Dealing With Falls Whilst Caring For The Elderly
  • Caring For The Elderly- A Stressful Job
  • 4 Most Common Ailments Affecting The Elderly
  • Top Outdoor Elderly Activities
  • Safeguarding The Health Of The Elderly
  • Taking Care Of Yourself As Well As The Elderly: Vacation And Respite
  • The Caregiver's Enemy No.1

Child Health Care:

  • Introduction to child health
  • History taking and physical
  • Care of the new born
  • Congenital abnormalities
  • Normal growth and
  • Nutrition and nutritional
  • Acute respiratory infection (ari)
  • Control of diarrhea disease
  • Systemic diseases
  • Vaccine preventable diseases
  • Expanded program on immunization (epi)
  • Common genetic problems of children

Mock Exam:

  • Mock Exam- Health and Social Care Course - Level 3

Final Exam:

  • Final Exam- Health and Social Care Course - Level 3

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