Mastering Apache Sqoop with Hadoop, Hive, MySQL, Hortonworks Data Platform

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About this Course:


Apache SQOOP is designed to import data from relational databases such as Oracle, MySQL, etc to Hadoop systems. Hadoop is ideal for batch processing of huge amounts of data. It is industry standard nowadays. In real world scenarios, using SQOOP you can transfer the data from relational tables into Hadoop and then leverage the parallel processing capabilities of Hadoop to process huge amounts of data and generate meaningful data insights. The results of Hadoop processing can again be stored back to relational tables using SQOOP export functionality.

About this Course:

In this course, you will learn step by step everything that you need to know about Apache Sqoop and how to integrate it within Hadoop ecosystem. With every concept explained with real world like examples, you will learn how to create Data Pipelines to move in/out the data from Hadoop. In this course, you will learn following major concepts in great details:


  • Warehouse hadoop storage
  • Specific target on hadoop storage
  • Controlling parallelism
  • Overwriting existing data
  • Append data
  • Load specific columns from MySQL table
  • Control data splitting logic
  • Default to single mapper when needed
  • Sqoop Option files
  • Debugging Sqoop Operations
  • Importing data in various file formats - TEXT, SEQUENCE, AVRO, PARQUET & ORC
  • Data compression while importing
  • Custom query execution
  • Handling null strings and non string values
  • Setting delimiters for imported data files
  • Setting escaped characters
  • Incremental loading of data
  • Write directly to hive table
  • Using HCATALOG parameters
  • Importing all tables from MySQL database
  • Importing entire MySQL database into Hive database
  • Move data from Hadoop to MySQL table
  • Move specific columns from Hadoop to MySQL table
  • Avoid partial export issues
  • Update Operation while exporting
  • APACHE SQOOP - JOBS TOPICS << Automation >>
  • Create sqoop job
  • List existing sqoop jobs
  • Check metadata about sqoop jobs
  • Execute sqoop job
  • Delete sqoop job
  • Enable password storage for easy execution in production

Basic knowledge:

  • The Complete Course on Apache SQOOP. Great for CCA175 Spark & Hortonworks Big Data Hadoop Developer Certifications

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Any one who is interested


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What you will learn:

You will get following from this course:

  • Get Ready for CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer Exam (CCA175)
  • Get Ready for Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) Certified Developer Exam (HDPCD)
  • Advance your career by applying for high paying Big Data jobs
  • Crack Big Data Developer Interviews
  • Develop sound understanding about Data Ingestion process from Relational System (MySQL) to Hadoop ecosystem & vice versa

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