Microsoft Office Essential Skills

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If you use Microsoft Office every day for multiple tasks at work or want to become more confident, achieve improvement in working with Office, then enrolling in this Microsoft Office Essential Skills course will be beneficial for you.

Nowadays, every employee is required to have basic knowledge of Microsoft Office. We've prepared this course to help you master the essential skills that every employer want. This comprehensive course covers MS Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint. You'll learn some best practices which further enable you to gain self-confidence and job satisfaction.

This course provides the skills you need to obtain to perform best with the software in the workplace.

Upon successful completion of this course, you'll be able to work with the Microsoft Office programs confidently in the workplace.

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Microsoft Office Word Essential Skills:

  • A Quick Tour of the Interface
  • Using Styles
  • Spellchecking a Document
  • Find & Replace, and the New Navigation Pane
  • Adding a List in Word
  • Inserting a Table
  • Inserting a Chart and a Picture
  • Using AutoCorrect, and a Look at Quick Parts
  • Saving a Document as a Template

Microsoft Office Outlook Essential Skills:

  • The Outlook 2010 INterface, and Setting Up Your Account
  • Email and Folders in Outlook 2010
  • Forwarding Emails, and Sending & Receiving Attachments
  • The Outlook Calendar
  • Adding a Recurring Appointment, and Setting Up a Meeting
  • Adding Outlook Contacts
  • Outlook Tasks

Microsoft Office Excel Essential Skills:

  • Simple Excel Calculations - Subtraction
  • Simple Excel Calculations - Multiplying by a Percentage
  • Simple Excel Calculations - Subtracting and Multiplying in the Same Formula
  • Simple Excel Calculations - The Invoice
  • Simple Excel Calculations - Locking Cell References
  • Excel Formulas and Functions
  • Inserting Functions from the Autosum Button
  • Excel Named Ranges
  • Outlining in Excel
  • Sorting Data in Excel
  • Adding Filters in Excel
  • Introduction to Excel Tables

Microsoft Office PowerPoint Essential Skills:

  • PowerPoint Basics
  • Adding a Bullet List and a Table
  • Adding a Chart to your Presentation
  • Adding a SmartArt Diagram to a Slide
  • Adding Images in PowerPoint
  • Adding Slide Transitions and Applying a Theme
  • Adding Animations
  • Putting it All Together

Course Certification:

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