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About this Course:

In this course you will learn to play piano so that you will quickly be able to perform live record videos for YouTube and Facebook and find gigs without having to split the money with an accompanied. Piano is a beautiful instrument and it will open up a whole new musical world to you.

If you are a singer but not an instrumentalist and want to be able to accompany yourself so you don't need to hire accompanists or you had piano lessons in the past that just didn't gel for you this is the course for you.

I sympathise. I am a signed songwriter and performer. As a singer I have released 3 albums and undertaken tours and major festivals. At first I had to bring other musicians on board to accompany me as a singer until I learned to play piano accompaniment using chord sheets. I want to pass on this method to you. If you hate sight reading this could very much be the course for you.

This course is really aimed at providing a piano accompaniment for singers so it won't be the course for you if you want to be a straight pianist. Hopefully if you are a singer who doesn't yet play you will learn to love this beautiful instrument and start out on a voyage of discovery. The course is beginner level.

We cover

  • Music theory especially harmonics and rhythm
  • Time signatures common to popular music
  • Creating a 'bed' for your vocal
  • Improving your internal timing
  • Playing to the right standard to go out and get gigs
  • Choosing and adapting repertoire
  • Sourcing appropriate chord sheets
  • Equipment needed

If this sounds like it might be the right method for you please enroll and I look forward to working with you!

Basic knowledge:

  • You should be a singer who wants to accompany their voice.
  • No previous of experience of piano is necessary. We cover the basics.


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Course content

What you will learn:

  • Be able to find gigs without having to pay half the fee to an accompanist
  • Perform live with confidence
  • Record yourself for Facebook live YouTube etc and grow your fanbase
  • Start to LOVE playing piano even if you hated it in the past
  • Accompany your vocals using chord sheets
  • Transpose music into the right key so your voice sounds at its best
  • Play from chord sheets
  • Understand chord formations and progressions
  • Play major and minor chords
  • Play in 4/4 3/4 and 6/8 time signatures thus covering most popular repertoire for gigging singers
  • Build a solid sense of rhythm and timing
  • Prepare for gigs in a structured way


  • Introduction
  • The Theory You Will Nee
  • Playing Chords
  • The Gigging Singer-Pianist
  • Useful Resources
  • Now the Course Is Over

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