Senior Project Manager Certification (PRINCE2 & MSP Foundation & Practitioner, Exams & Mentor+)

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Course Overview

Gain two essentials, highly-respected certifications that can help you to secure senior project manager positions with this package that includes both the PRINCE2® qualification and Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®).

Who should take this course

This package is for anyone who is looking to become certified and achieve a more senior role in their current or future workplace.


There are no prerequisites for this course.


PRINCE2 & MSP Foundation & Practitioner

Course content

The PRINCE2® Practitioner status is one that many organisations perceive to be a minimum requirement for anyone who is looking to lead a project or be involved in a project team at a senior level. Not only do the organisations benefit from projects that are controlled and managed to this standard, but the individuals who hold the qualification and understand PRINCE2® as a methodology can implement the theories and processes to have a more successful career. PRINCE2®

The first stage of the PRINCE2® Qualification; the objective is to make sure the candidate has an assured knowledge of the theories and processes behind the PRINCE2® methodology. Students will learn the general principles, basic knowledge of the seven themes and processes as well as terms and phrases.

The second stage of the PRINCE2® Qualification. By passing the second and final stage of the PRINCE2® Qualification, the candidate will be able to understand the reasons behind PRINCE2® and implement them in any project environment. Students will learn how to implement the principles, themes and processes learnt in the Foundation stage in to any project environment in any industry, as well as comprehensive knowledge of the PRINCE2® methodology. Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®)

The package will take you through the course so you have an understanding of the benefits and principles underlying a structured approach to programme management. - MSP® Introduction and Overview - MSP® Framework and Concepts - Vision - Blueprint Design and Delivery - Defining a Programme - Planning and Control - Benefits Realisation Management - Organisation and the Programme Office - The Business Case - Leadership and Stakeholder Engagement - Managing the Tranches - Delivering the Capability and Realising the Benefits - Quality Management - Risk Management and Issue Resolution - Closing a Programme - Practical Work - Exam Approaches and Preparation

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