Working in Confined Space Training

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Year after year, hundreds of people are killed or seriously injured due to working in confined spaces. For this reason, all workers must be fully trained and aware of the dangers of working in restricted areas. This introductory Working in Confined Spaces Training Course is designed to help you familiarise with safety work best practices, in order to comply with UK health and safety legislation.

This course is suitable for anyone and not exclusive to those whose job requires them to work in confined spaces, such as managers, supervisors and rescuers. You'll be learning what defines a confined space, will familiarise with confined space legislation, and will understand how to implement a reliable and professional safety system.

On successful course completion you'll be familiar with the legal responsibilities of working in confined spaces and will be able to utilise your new skills at work, reducing the risk of workplace injuries and health-related incidents.

Who should take this course

Who should take the course:

The Working in Confined Space Training is suitable for you if you're an employee, manager, supervisor or rescuer working in, or looking to start work in, a job involving confined spaces. As this is a fundamental, yet comprehensive course, no pre-requisite skills, experience or training are needed for enrolment.

If you or your employees need to work in such conditions, it is highly recommended to have regular training in order to be aware of the risks that could occur within a confined space.

This online course contributes to your education, yet you may require further training, skills and knowledge to carry out certain tasks depending on your organisation's risk assessment strategies.


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Course content

Course Curriculum:

Working in Confined Space Training

  • Module 01: Introduction
  • Module 02: Working in Confined Space Risk Assessments
  • Module 03: Emergency Procedures

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