Golden Rules of Negotiation and Persuasion

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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

Course Description:

How scary can Negotiations be? Why do you think some people have the ability to persuade more easily than others? Is it natural charisma or can the fundamentals be explained and taught? How connected are Negotiation and Persuasion? This engaging and fast-moving course gives you a real opportunity for you to truly understand and explore the basic skills for Negotiation and Persuasion. With a focus on your participation, we'll explore the benefits, styles and stages of Negotiation and the role, the steps the importance of body language for Persuasion. Together we will identify the characteristics of a good negotiator and the effect of the storytelling technique of Persuasion.

Expected Outcomes:

This invaluable course gives you an excellent opportunity to gain a true understanding and appreciation of Negotiation and Persuasion, their elements and their effect on people. In this fascinating insight, you'll gain a better understanding of these two meanings and they will be broken down so everyone can analyse them and see their interconnection. After attending these sessions, you will face Negotiation and Persuasion with a different point of view, even if they previously scared you! You will complete the course with skills to feel more confident to communicate with people and be part of negotiation discussions. You will gain the confidence you lacked and the knowledge you were missing.

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Who should take this course

People lacking confidence for effective negotiation and persuasion - beginners to intermediate levels.

Course content

Negotiation's basic principles:

  • Persuasion and how it works
  • How are Negotiation and Persuasion connected?
  • Types of Negotiation Strategies
  • The stages of the Negotiation Process and its benefits
  • The concept of a Win-Win Negotiation
  • Strategies for developing Negotiation Skills
  • The types of third party
  • The PROBE technique for Negotiation
  • Negotiations in an Organisation
  • Characteristics of a Good Negotiator
  • Tips for effective negotiation
  • The importance of Persuasion
  • The steps of the Persuasion process and the role of communication in Persuasion
  • Communication Styles and how to persuade different personalities
  • The rhetoric and Principles of Persuasion
  • Body language in Negotiation and Persuasion
  • Framework theories for applying Persuasion
  • How to develop your Persuasion skills
  • The story telling technique of Persuasion
  • Characteristics of a good persuader.

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