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Work in a laboratory exposes a person to risk of injury and illness from hazardous materials and equipment. Regulations and guidelines however well-conceived are not sufficient to achieve safe laboratory practice. It is the skill knowledge and basic common sense of the individual laboratory worker that is crucial to a safety program. Laboratory Safety course designed to review the fundamentals of lab safety and assist scientists chemists and other personnel working in the laboratory in the development or improvement of their lab safety program. Participants discuss important laboratory safety problems and find solutions for many of them. The course emphasizes the need to make health safety and the environment an integral and important part of science education work and life.

Who should take this course

Laboratory managers, analytical chemists, medical scientists, laboratory supervisors, research and development scientists, microbiologists food technologists and quality assurance/control managers.



Course content

Day 1 - Overview of Laboratory Safety Policy:

Laboratory Safety Manual; Safety Orientations for Laboratory Personnel.

Chemical Storage:

Hazards Characteristics. Explosion Potentials. Chemical Storage Requirements. Inorganic and Organic. Toxic Chemicals. Labelling. Ventilation Requirements. Compressed Gases. Oxygen and other Oxidizing Gases. Hazard Checklist and Record Keeping. Chemical Inventory.

Day 2 - Hazardous Waste Management:

Hazardous Waste. Multi -Hazardous Hazardous Drain Disposal. Satellite Accumulation Satellite. Allowable Amount Accumulated. Accumulation Time. Inspection of Satellite Accumulation. Chemical Pick- up Request. Hazardous Chemical Spills Procedures.

Electrical Safety in the Laboratory:

Principles of Electrical Energy.

Day 3 - Laboratory Ergonomics:

Working at a Bench Or Hood. Positioning Compressed Gas Cylinders. Safe Lifting Techniques.

Precautions during the Handling of Chemicals:

Personal Protective Equipment's. Clothing Glassware etc. Lifting and Handling. Clearing/Decontamination. Awareness Training.

Day 4 - Legal Requirements:

Health and Safety at Work Regulations. Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations. COSHH Regulations etc.

Material Safety Data Sheets:

The Various Sections of the MSDS. What Information can be Found in each Section. How this Information can Help Employees as They go About Their Work.

Day 5 - Planning for Laboratory Emergencies:

Emergency Procedures to Prevent Injury. Property Damage or Even Loss of Life. Fire and Fire Control.

Incident/Accident Reporting:

Reporting System. Quality Assurance. The Benefits of an Effective QA Process. OSHA Laboratory Standards.

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