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Employee selection is the most important issue in business. Making the wrong hiring decision means throwing away a substantial investment of time and money on recruitment training and benefits. Study afterstudy has shown that poor employee selection is a costly mistake. This course will take you step-by-step through the employee selection process from recruitment throughto hiring. Learn how to attract the best talent. See how effective screening and interview techniques can help you identify the ideal candidate quickly and efficiently. Under the careful monitoring of your seminar leader you will practice until you gain the confidence and skills needed to attract and recruit the candidates most likely to meet your organisation's requirements.

Who should take this course

HR assistants and executives HR managers Newly appointed recruitment consultants Recruiting managers



Course content

Module 1 - Who do you need? Today's recruitment and job search environment. Competency frameworks and how they support business goals and organisational culture Job specifications Job descriptions.

Module 2 - How can you attract them? Job advertisements that market your brand. The primary pre-recruitment considerations. Discover benefits and drawbacks of different recruiting sources.

Strategies to attract special interest groups:

New graduates, specialists seasonal employees part-timers.

Module 3 - Electronic Recruiting, Strengths and weaknesses of Internet recruiting. Reviewing cyberspace resumes. Website considerations Online recruiting guidelines Global Internet recruitment.

Module 4 - Testing Everything you need to know about all varieties of testing. Who uses testing and who doesn't? Interview Preparation Reviewing job advertisements specifications and descriptions. Reviewing applications and resumes Screening applicants - who how and when? Preparing the proper interviewing environment. Agreeing the interview panel and their roles. Preparing interview documentation. Preparing questions for each stage of the interview.

Module 5 - Conducting the Interview/Assessment. Welcoming and establishing the format Effective questioning techniques. Practicing active listening. Encouraging applicants to talk. Providing information at the proper times. When and how to close the interview Team interviewing Interviewing less-than-ideal applicants.

Module 6 - Documenting the Interview. What to include and what to avoid Effective and ineffective documentation.

Module 7 - Making the Selection. Using a matrix to compare shortlisted candidates. Reference checking and how to learn information when other companies won't reveal anything. Final selection considerations. Communicating with sucessful and unsucessful candidates.

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