Power BI Certification

Can be taken anytime (28 hours)
Course Type
Professional Training Course
Yes (Details)
Course Fee
$558 $286 only

Course Overview

Power BI is a Data Visualization Tool that enables users to optimize and visualize uninterpretable data into interactive insights. It was developed by Microsoft and is widely used as one of the most powerful tools for data visualization in business intelligence. Power BI has many benefits like incorporation properly with other applications, and adopt analysis and reporting capabilities. which makes it one of the best of its kind. Anexas provide training in Power BI to help and develop the skills as a good leader and also a member. Individuals will understand the flow of Power BI and all the topics related to Power BI which will help them to understand and apply the tools and techniques in their workplace.

Who should take this course

  1. Individuals interested in data management
  2. Individuals who find interest in having an organized way of presenting data
  3. Students who are pursuing graduation
  4. Corporate executives willing to extend their knowledge towards something different
  5. Team Leaders
  6. Higher-level professionals
  7. Project Managers


The Power BI course can be attended by anyone irrespective of their occupational status or designation.

Career options after graduation

  1. Power BI Data Analyst
  2. Power BI Project Manager
  3. Power BI Developer
  4. SQL Server Power BI Developer
  5. Power BI Semantic Model Developer
  6. Power BI Administrator
  7. Power BI Manager
  8. Power BI Consultant


Anexas Europe (trained certification)

Course content

  1. Introduction to Power BI
  2. Tabs Introduction and Data Upload
  3. Creating Visualizations & Formatting Visuals
  4. Filters, Relationships and data source setting
  5. DAX (Data Analytics Expressions)
  6. Power queries or Edit queries
  7. Power BI services & publishing a report
  8. Selection Panel and bookmarks
  9. KPI cards & tooltips
  10. R & Python and drilldown and drill through features
  11. Designing a report and Q&A

About Course Provider

Anexas means 'Attached' in Portuguese and Spanish.

Anexas is a global network of attached professionals and organizations serving the wide spectrum of industries. We operate in 12 countries and have 35 permanent staff and more than 200 professionals working with member firms and partners around the world. Innovative, Daring, Ahead-of-times, Visionary… these are some of the epithets used about Anexas in the media in the past decade because of the fast growth and high customer satisfaction achieved in process excellence and project management services by us.

Anexas is a leading provider of Lean, Six Sigma, Project Management, IT, Balance Score Card, software development, TRIZ, Business Process Management, simulation for process excellence, System Architect, management training and Consulting services to Organizations and individuals belonging to various domains like Manufacturing, Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Logistics, IT, ITES, Telecommunications, Services to name a few. We customize our training modules and consulting services as per the client needs and ensure they get the highest ROI.

So far we have implemented lean and six sigma and guided more than 120 organizations worldwide in doing process improvement projects. We value our relationship with our clients and are committed to helping them to achieve their business objectives through lean and six sigma performance improvement methodologies.

How to enroll?

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