02 Aug'20 - 30 Jul'21 (1 year)
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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

The Schulich Master of Finance (MF) is a 12-month full-time program that provides students with the robust real-world training and analytical foundation needed for a rewarding career in modern finance.

The MF program runs from August to July of the following year. During this time students will develop their understanding of corporate finance, risk management, private equity, compliance and more. Courses place a strong emphasis on real-world applications and context. Critical topics in governance, ethics and the legal aspects of finance are embedded in the MF curriculum.

Who should take this course

MF is designed for professionals who want to launch or advance their careers in Finance.

Course content

The master of finance program spans three terms of consecutive study comprised of 27.00 credits of core courses and 12.00 credits of stream courses.

The mf program begins each august with capital markets (mfin 5100 3.00). This three-week intensive fundamental course sets the stage for the upcoming terms and core courses. Along with required core courses, students will concurrently take a pair of research seminar series courses (mfin 5000 and mfin 5050) during the fall and winter terms. Prior to the start of the winter term, students choose to specialize in one of two streams capital markets or financial risk management. August

  • Mfin 5100 3.00 capital markets


  • Actg 6130 3.00 intermediate financial accounting for finance majors
  • Fine 6310 3.00 econometrics of financial markets
  • Mfin 5000 0.00 research seminar series
  • Mfin 5050 0.00 professional seminar series
  • Mfin 5200 3.00 financial management and valuation
  • Mfin 5600 3.00 institutional wealth management


  • Mfin 5000 0.00 research seminar series
  • Mfin 5050 0.00 professional seminar series
  • Fine 6800 3.00 options, futures & other derivative securities


  • Mfin 5500 3.00 analysis structured products using excel
  • Mfin 5700 1.50 corporate governance and securities law
  • Mfin 5800 3.00 financial risk management
  • Mfin 5900 1.50 ethical decision-making for finance professionals
  • Stream options

To complete the following streams, students must complete the following additional courses (listed per term).

  • Capital markets
  • Winter
  • Mfin 5300 3.00 investment banking
  • Mfin 5400 3.00 fixed income securities
  • Entr 6910 3.00 venture capital and private equity
  • Summer
  • Fine 6600 3.00 corporate financial analysis
  • Financial risk management
  • Winter
  • Math 6910 3.00 stochastic calculus in finance
  • Fine 6600 3.00 corporate financial analysis
  • Fnen 6850 3.00 fixed income securities
  • Summer
  • Fnen 6820 3.00 advanced derivative securities

Students who wish to pursue the Financial Risk Management stream require approval of the Program Director.

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