Fundamentals of Materials Characterization and Selection

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Material selection is one the most important aspects that engineers and designers have to keep in mind during the design and production of any work. A good material selection is fundamental to lower theproduction costs to improve product performances (e.g. durability) and to raise customers's satisfaction so it is vital to be aware of the characteristics of each material and the way to improve these characteristics.

Who should take this course

This course in intended for all the professionals that are involved in the manufacturing industry forexample:

Product engineers, Material engineers, Mechanical engineers, Plant engineers, R&D, chemists architects, designers, managers and economists. Case studies and examples will cover a range of levels and an introduction about the physics and chemistryof materials will be provided making the course also suitable non-technical staff.



Course content

Importance of material science and technology. Fundamentals of materials physics and chemistry. Metallic materials. Ceramic materials. Polymeric materials. Composite materials. Nanomaterials. Biomaterials. Density. Mechanical properties. Thermal properties. Electrical properties. Optical properties. Corrosion properties. Ecologic properties. Microscopic structure of materials. Amorphous vs crystalline materials. Defects on crystals. Experimental determination of material properties. Estimation of material properties. Material screening. Material ranking and material indices. Material documentation. Local conditions. Material property charts. Computer aided selection. Case studies and exercises.

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