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Customer complaints are not always a sign that something is wrong. They can often provide insight into opportunities for improvement. When handled professionally negative experiences can be salvaged and turned into positive ones. Being able to assess and address customer complaints is key to making this happen. Research suggests customers will continue doing business with you even after a slip-up provided you are able to resolve their problem. In fact in many cases customer satisfaction is higher after a problem has been effectively resolved than if the problem hadn'st occurred at all. This course equips participants with the skills to handle challenging or difficult situations in a way which will increase customer loyalty creating advocates for your brand.

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Customer Service Staff Customer Service Agents Reception Staff Administrators Call Handlers Telemarketers Supervisors Team Leaders Managers



Course content

Module 1 - Why do customers complain? The main causes of customer dissatisfaction. What do dissatisfied customers want? How do they want to be treated? The impact of not dealing with problems effectively.

Module 2 - Manage your reactions. How limited thinking can increase difficult conversations. The importance of a positive mental attitude. Changing perspective in the customer's shoes. Re-framing A simple model to use when handling complaints.

Module 3 - Manage your emotions. Take the stress out of difficult situation. Reducing negative emotions and accessing positive ones. Techniques to keep confidence high and self-esteem strong.

Module 4 - Getting to the root cause. Use questioning skills to discover customers' real concerns and issues. The different types of questions. Using questions to avoid conflict.

Module 5 - Listen actively. Listening and not hearing. How effective listening can reduce escalations.

Module 6 - Build rapport. Understand the role of Transactional Analysis how it helps and hinders. Understand your customers' communication style (Controller Analyst Facilitator Enthusiast).

Module 7 - Dealing with the complaint. Your body language voice and the words you use during a complaint. Identifying andtrigger points' that cause unnecessary escalations. Saying and no' proactively & delivering bad news. Managing confrontations in public. Handling rambling / talkative customers. Confronting inappropriate abusive or intimidating behaviours assertively. Handling upset and distraught customers. Handling feedback/criticism about yourself or colleagues. Responding to customers who are exaggerating or lying. Using the skills in simulated exercises.

Module 8 - Proactive complaints management. Identifying what the causes of complaints are in your business. Looking out for reasons why people might complain and fixing it before it gets to a complaint. Gathering feedback from customers about their overall experience Action planning.

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