Job description / Role

Employment: Full Time

General Duties
• Consult with and keep the Surgery Supervisor informed of activities, needs and problems. May assume the responsibility for department in the absence of the Surgery Room Supervisor.
• Receive assignments from Surgery Supervisor and Medical Director
• Review caseloads
• Check humidity in surgery room and adjust as required
• Check patient records
• Gather all records needed for day’s case load
• See the essential equipment and supplies for surgical procedure are in operating room and coordinate with other staff in placement
• Check the floor conductivity
• Assist patients into surgery room
• Place patient in operating table and position patient
• Assist in transferring the patient from operating room to waiting area safely
• Assist surgeon with procedures
• Observe sterile techniques
• Ensure the team complies with Infection control and Health & Safety manuals
• Ensure patient consents are complete and signed appropriately prior to commencement of the procedure
• Arrange supplies, instruments, solutions and special equipment on instrument table and tray for maximum efficacy in handling and anticipation of surgeon’s needs as indicated by type of procedure
• Ensure appropriate instruments are readily available to the surgeon at all times
• Keep instruments sterile and in proper position
• Clean, pack and sterilize instruments
• Discard used sharps and ensure safe disposal of medical waste
• Supervise Staff nurses when required


Job Summary
• Ensures the smooth running of the surgery room and prioritizes adherence to surgery protocols while delivering patient service that matches Muscat Eye Laser Center’s mission.
• You will support the surgery room supervisor and the surgeons by ensuring all resources are prepared and made available in time for surgery.
• You will also ensure that all conditions for conducting a safe procedure is met before every surgery.

Educational Responsibilities
• Attends required meetings in service education program
• Maintain professional growth and development through seminars, workshops and professional affiliations
• Train & supervise new recruits

Quality Control
• Comply with establish nursing standards ,implement and maintain established center policies ,procedures ,objectives, quality improvement ,safety environmental and infection control
• Cooperate with other personnel to achieve objectives and maintain good employee and public relationship
• Be proactive and report non-conformance and opportunities for improvement

Qualifications / skills required:
• Bachelor in Science in Nursing
• Certified in CPR
• Experience, at least 3 years
• Experience in Ophthalmology is desirable
• Experience in Operating room as surgical scrub and circulating nurse is desirable
• Experience MS office and emails are desirable

Reports to:
• Associate Scientific and Acting Medical Director
• Surgery Room Supervisor

About the Company

Muscat Eye Laser Center is committed to providing professional diagnosis and treatment to our patient’s eye care needs, combining our world-renowned ophthalmologist’s expertise with the support of the very latest in technology. At MELC we empower our ophthalmologists and optometrists to deliver better care for our patients, by consistently upgrading our superior surgical and diagnostic tools to the highest safety standards. Muscat Eye Laser Center is the only specialized eye laser clinic in the Sultanate of Oman to earn the International Organization for Standardization – ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification.