Advanced Diploma in Event Management

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Course Overview

Event Management doesn't only give you valuable connections through events training qualifications; you enter an environment for learning that works for you. Being trained in event management helps you develop skills such as problem solving, time management and decision making. In order to meet all your event management needs, consider getting this Advanced Diploma in Event Management course.

This course is divided into three sections, where you start off with learning the basics of event management. Here you will look into the ideas such as types of events, entertainment, staff and vendors. Next you learn about the process of planning an event, where you get many different tips and techniques about how to nurture a team bonding environment, ways to make your events more interesting, marketing your events and so much more. The final portion of the course looks into managing weddings which is an extremely big industry and as such would help your business make a splash where the green is.

The course covers diverse topics and would be beneficial to those looking to get into the event management industry. So stop wasting time and get this course now.

Who should take this course

Professionals, business owner or entrepreneurs who are working for or owners of an event planning management business.

People who have an interest in knowing about event management.



Course content


Basics of Event Management

  • Module one - Getting Started
  • Module Two - Types of Events
  • Module Three - Brainstorming
  • Module Four - Types of Entertainment
  • Module Five - Support Staff
  • Module Six - Technical Staff
  • Module Seven - Vendors
  • Module Eight - Finalize The Plan
  • Module Nine - Administrative Tasks
  • Module Ten - Get Organized
  • Module Eleven - Post Event Activities
  • Module Twelve - Wrapping Up
  • Diploma in Event Management- Activities

Planning the Event

  • 9 Key Ideas To Make Your Event A Successful One
  • What You Need To Know To Make Your Event Educational, Entertaining and Memorable!
  • 8 Ways To Incorporate Entertainment Elements Into Your Events Without Spending A Bomb!
  • What To Look Out For When Planning Your Next Offsite Event
  • The Nuts & Bolts Of Events Logistics
  • Working With Team Building Elements In Your Offsite Events
  • How To Create Effective Team bonding At Your Events
  • Managing An Event For 10 people versus 100 !
  • 10 Ways To Make Your Event Interesting And Exciting
  • 8 Tips To Transform Your Event Venue
  • 7 Ways For An Easy & Hassle-Free Meeting Planning
  • 5 Pitfalls To Avoid When Planning Your Next Event
  • 8 Tips On How To Generate Fun Ideas When Planning Your Event
  • How To Attract The Right People To Your Event
  • 9 Reasons Why You Should Be Nice To Your Event Suppliers
  • How & Where To Find Suppliers That Will Move Mountains For You!
  • 10 Tips On How To Be An Excellent Event Planner
  • 8 Key Success Factors When Marketing Your Event
  • Marketing Managers: 10 Reasons Why You Should Organize Your Own Events
  • 6 Factors To Look Out For When Planning The Event Itinerary
  • What Makes An Event Fabulous?
  • 7 Key Reasons Why Events Marketing Should Be Part Of Your Marketing Strategy
  • Learn What It Takes To Be A Successful Event Planner
  • Truth About Creating Successful Events!
  • When You Need An Event Planner And When You Don't!
  • What To Look Out For When Choosing Your Event Planner
  • What To Look Out For When Choosing Your Event Venue
  • What To Do When Things Don't Go As Planned During Events
  • Learn What Makes An Event Stand Out And Talked About By Your Peers!
  • When You Need To Hire An Event Planner?
  • 4 Ways To Ensure That Your Event Will Go As Planned
  • 10 Ideas On Creating Exciting Event Themes
  • 8 Ways To Get Attendees To Your Events
  • Learn How To Create An Event That Will Generate Revenue For You!
  • Having Mascots, Minglers, Entertainers At Your Next Event - How To Find & Work With Them
  • Event Suppliers/Vendors: They Can Make Or Break Your Event! - Learn How To Choose Wisely
  • 7 Reasons Why The Need For Teambuilding At Your Offsite Events
  • 8 Key Factors Of A Successful Event Planner - Learn To Pick Wisely
  • 9 Ways To Organize Your Events On A Shoestring Budget
  • Managing Your Events - Once You Know The"Why", The"How"will Present Itself
  • Effective Ways To Negotiate With Your Event Suppliers
  • 7 Tips On How To Find The Right Venue For Your Next Event
  • 8 Ways To Work Successfully With Your Event Venue
  • 9 Ideas On How To Promote Your Events To Your Internal Customers
  • 6 Ways To Promote Your Events To Your External Customers
  • Working Successfully With Your Event Planner
  • 7 Pitfalls To Avoid When Planning Your Event Itinerary
  • 5 Tips To Look Out For When Planning Your Event Logistics
  • Choosing Your Emcee In Events - What You Need To Know
  • How To Create Events That People Talk About!

Managing Weddings

  • Introduction
  • Wedding Planning On A Budget
  • Wedding Attire Money Saving Tips
  • Reception Cash Saving Tips
  • Reception Dinner Budget Saving Tips
  • Planning Catering for Your Wedding
  • Saving Money On Buying Flowers
  • Photography And Videography Cash Savers
  • Your Honeymoon Adventure
  • Conclusion: Final Thoughts
  • Wedding Planning Checklist

Assessment and Certification:

Upon completion of the course, you will be required to sit an online multiple-choice test. Your test will be assessed automatically and the results will be given to you immediately. Before sitting your final exam you will have the opportunity to test your proficiency with a mock exam. After you have successfully passed the final exam, you will be able to order an Accredited Certificate of Achievement at an additional cost of GBP24 for a PDF copy and GBP39 for an original print copy sent to you by post.

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