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Course Overview

This course is for ordinary people like me who don’t have a writing background, but who wanted to publish their own ebook and make money on Amazon!

Do you want to earn extra passive income?

Do you want to be a best selling author on amazon?

Do you want to make money doing what you love?

This course is full of easy to follow lessons that will get you book idea on to the best seller list extremely quickly.

Who should take this course

  • Anyone who wants to be an Amazon Best Seller!
  • Writers, wannabe writers, bloggers
  • People who want to develop a passive income stream
  • Anyone who thinks they can’t!

Course content

Part 1 – Become Number 1

The Proof of my Success

What is this course all about?

Who is this course for?

How to succeed with this course

The Basics of Achieving that number 1 status

Making Money on Amazon

A Sneak Peak at my 2 Week Earnings…

Part 2 – Creating your book

Introduction to creating

How to write an ebook

How to write an ebook continued

Things to include

Formatting your ebook

Let’s do formatting together

Making the perfect title

The all important cover


Take action – Writing

Part 3 – Publishing your book

Intro to publishing

Uploading to Amazon

Let’s upload to Amazon together

Picking your categories

The power of free

Take action – Publishing

Part 4 – Promotion

Intro to promoting

Steps to Success

Where to promote

Tracking progress

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