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According to The Regulatory Reform ( Fire Safety ) Order 2005, there must be a fire warden for each floor for every workplace, so that in the case of an emergency there is someone who is trained to carry out the correct safety measures and evacuation procedures. A fire warden is expected to carry out at least two fire drills per year. In this Fire Warden Training Course, you'll familiarise with fire and safety legislation, fire warden duties and fire risk assessments. Through video demonstrations and expertly designed course modules, you'll be trained on the safety measures, such as how to assess risks in the workplace, learning how to use a fire extinguisher correctly and how to safely evacuate your co-workers.

Once you've completed the course, you'll have learned all about the responsibilities duties of a fire warden and how to comply with fire safety legislation in a workplace setting. This introductory course is divided into easy to follow sections that can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.

Who should take this course

Who should take the course:

This Fire Warden Training Course course is ideal for individuals responsible for taking on the position of fire warden in the workplace. And you don't require any previous qualifications to enrol on this course. In fact, anyone at any level can enrol and it includes both the basics and the intermediate aspects of fire safety. If you're planning on joining a company as a fire warden you should definitely look into taking this course to enhance your knowledge and career.


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Course content

Course Curriculum:

Fire Warden Training

  • Module 01: Fire Warden Safety An Introduction
  • Module 02: Understanding Fires - The Fire Triangle
  • Module 03: Risk Assessments
  • Module 04: Fire Safety Arrangements - The Fire Plan
  • Module 05: Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans
  • Module 06: Fire Evacuation Procedures - Evacuation Strategies

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