German Made Simple

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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

Learn to speak, write and understand German quickly and easily to achieve your personal and professional goals. This is German Made Simple!

This course is perfect if you want to:

master everyday situations in a German speaking country communicate accurately what you want to say be spontaneous in conversations and discussions develop your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills

Who should take this course

  • Beginners with no previous knowledge of German required
  • Instructors in English
  • New students to German, or those returning after a break

Course content

Part 1 – Introduction


How to never forget vocab again!

The Secret to Fluency

Part 2 – Meeting People

How to introduce yourself

Alphabet and Sounds

Personal Pronouns

Formal and Informal Speech

Verb Endings

Verb: sprechen

Word Order

Countries and Languages

Numbers 1-20

AUDIO: Speaking Practice

Part 3 – Talking about your family

Jobs, family, hobbies

Verb: sein

Verbs: lesen, sehen

Possessive Pronouns

Numbers 20-100

Stating likes and dislikes

Negation: nicht

AUDIO: Speaking Practice

Part 4 – Exploring your Neighbourhood

A walk in the city

Definite and Indefinite Articles

Possessive Pronouns II

Negation kein

Akkusativ Case

Verb: haben

Opening Times

AUDIO: Speaking Practice

Part 5 – Going to a Restaurant

How to order food and drink

A typical menu

Adjective endings: akkusativ

Verb: mochte

Verbs: nehmen, essen

Modal verb: konnen

Plural Nouns

Verbs “haben” and “sein” in past tense

AUDIO: Speaking Practice

Part 6 – Describing your Daily Routine

A Typical Day

Telling the Time

Personal Pronouns: akkusativ

Past Perfect

Past Perfect: Irregular Verbs

Separable Verbs

Telling the Time

A Typical Day: Past Tense Version

Negation of past tense verbs

AUDIO: Speaking Practice

Part 7 – Going on a Trip

The Weather

Buying a Ticket

Modal Verb: wollen

Direction Prepositions

Conjunctions: dass/weil

Dativ Case

Movement v Location

Months of the year

AUDIO: Speaking Practice

Part 8 – Making Appointments

Calling the Doctor

Body Parts

Going out with friends

Modal Verb: mussen

Personal Pronouns Dativ

Verbs with Dativ and Akkusativ

Reading the date

More Prepositions with Dativ

AUDIO: Speaking Practice

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