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Are you networking efficiently on LinkedIn? Generating enough business leads, and professional interest from your profile? Do you want to be considered an influencer, as well as an expert in your field, but aren’t getting the views you need to push you forward?

This course will give you everything you need to maximise your profile, and get the most out of LinkedIn. Social media experts Efficiency Czar (who ranks in the top 1% of views for his industry) and Digital Entrepreneur, Alex Genadinik, are generating business leads through LinkedIn right now, and can help you do the same.

Who should take this course

Existing LinkedIn users who want to get the most out of it Anyone looking to generate new business or job opportunities through LinkedIn

Course content

Part 1 – The Basics Instructor Video Course Results: why you need this course] Profile Views And Stats Upgraded LinkedIn Benefits Case Study Profile Define Your Audience: advanced search Settings And Broadcasts Part 2 – Advanced strategies to increase connections and awareness View Profiles Tracking Expert Profile Views How To Connect With Prospects

Part 3 – Email introductions Email Intros: people who have added you Email Intros: people who you have added

Part 4 – Advanced Strategies: influencer lists Why And How To Use Influencer Lists Tracking Expert Profile Views

Part 5 – LinkedIn basics, if you need them Online Resume And Reputation Management Join Facebook Groups Vs Starting Your Own How Endorsements Can Help You How To Endorse People Creating A Good Summary

How To Make Your Past Work Experience Look Great Increase Your Reach For Updates Strategy For LinkedIn Recommendations Should You Accept Random Requests To Connect How To Use The LinkedIn 500 Connections The Importance Of A Good Profile Picture Add Skills To LinkedIn Part 6 – Expert Strategies Creating Influencer Lists

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